Instagram will soon Enable Users to Hide Story from Specific Someone!

Have you ever wanted few particulars not to watch your stories while also wanting to post it?

I mean…

It happens with me all the time.

And I am sure with you all as well!

There always exists an unspecial someone (the irritating one) who has something to say and bug your life at ease.

I face such issues…

Rebecca faces it!

And trust me, the day is not far when YOU would notice it as well (if not till now).

Fortunately, if you got it (THE PROBLEM), Instagram has it (THE SOLUTION)!!!

Instagram is currently testing a feature that would enable users to hide specific stories from a specific user.

This feature was first spotted by Jane Manchung Wong, a reverse engineer from Hong Kong who reveals the unreleased features and vulnerabilities of popular apps.

The feature would be more handy when YOU have to hide a story from specific-someone.

That said, if YOU have a story that YOU want to share with a small group of people, YOU would better off using the close friend list feature rather than hiding it one by one.

In case if don’t know how to use close friends list feature, here is the link- How to use Instagram Close Friend List Feature in 2020?

Additionally, you can use the story controls from the settings option of Instagram stories if you want to hide story from a group of users.

Learn More- Instagram Story Controls 101! (Click Here!!!)

The feature although in the testing phase would be super useful if users want to hide story from just one person.

There are currently no confirmations when the feature would roll out; however, it should be live within a month or two if the results of public testing surfaced positive.

Interesting, right?

Would it not be even better if users had this option in posts too?

Let me know about your views in the comments down below.

And please do share if you liked it!

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Till then?

See you next time!



How Coronavirus is Affecting Travel Bloggers on Instagram?

covid-19 effect on travel blogger

With over 664,241 confirmed cases and 30,894 deaths since the outbreak, Coronavirus has utterly destabilized every possible aspect of human life that once occurred normally.

Notwithstanding the fact that the health authorities are excellently persisting to fight, COVID-19 is a step further.

With the number of cases increasing each day (even each minute to be more precise), the economy has gone into a loop of recession.

While there were things like sanitizers and face masks that noticed a ridiculous spike in sales, a majority of small scale businesses incurred a severe loss.

CNBC reported in one of its recent articles- “There was a hike of 255% in the sales of sanitizers in the UK, while the liquid soaps and house cleaners saw an increase of 7 to 10% respectively.”


Instagram is All Set to Kill your Boredom during Quarantine!!!

stay home sticker

Have you been bored in the last few days?

I bet you must be!

Not only did Coronavirus killed thousands of people around the world and destructed the world’s economy in ashes, but it also confined people to stay at home aka “Quarantine”.

Be it in the United States…



Italy, or any other part of the world.

There has been a constant fear and panic in the air about this current deteriorating situation.


Instagram is Testing a Feature like Telegram’s ‘Secret Chat’!!!

Instagram Secret Chat Feature...

Have you ever used Telegram?

It’s an amazing app!

Be it in terms of privacy, or user interface, Telegram has always been my first choice among all messaging apps no matter what.

And it may be different for you, of course.

Not everyone is same.

And I completely understand that.

Moreover, I am not here to praise the app’s interface or its amazing features, neither do I force you to join the bandwagon of 100 million Telegram users.

It’s 2020!!!

The apps are continuously evolving and cloning each other’s features so as to shift the user base of other networks on their own platform.

And it’s nothing new, right?


Instagram Now Lets YOU See ‘Shared Media’ in DMs!

Although Instagram has been scaling up its features and functionality every single day to improve its social platform, messaging apps like Messenger (with 1.3 billion users) and Whatsapp (with 2.0 billion users) always had an upper hand over Instagram DMs right from the get-go.

User Statistics of WhatsApp and Messenger- via Messenger People!

According to a stat via Business Insider, almost 25% of Instagram users use Instagram direct every single day.

With more than a billion users on its platform globally, the stats confirm the vacuum that the company needs to fill in order to even the number of users on other messaging platforms.

And it has been improving every single day!


Instagram Direct is getting tremendously better with time.

From its oldest unique feature of unsending sent messages to the newly rolled out muting mentions, video calls, etc. Instagram has always brought new attributes so as to shift users from other messaging platforms to Instagram Direct.


Instagram’s Take to Limit Coronavirus Hoaxes!

Instagram Limits Coronavirus Hoaxes!

Following the recent outbreak of coronavirus throughout the globe, there has been a constant range of misinformation airing on all social platforms.

That being said, Instagram is no different!

Instagram’s initial step turned out to be in the direction of removing ‘known harmful misinformation related to COVID-19‘ that some mischievous people were spreading on the platform.

As a result…

The Instagram app started connecting users to credible sources by highlighting links to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other local health authorities following one searches for hashtags such as #coronavirus, COVID-19, etc. in the search bar.


Instagram Introduces ‘Emails From Instagram’ to Stop Phishing Attacks!

Instagram Introduces 'Emails From Instagram' to Stop Phishing Attacks!

Log in to confirm it’s you!

We noticed suspicious activity in your account.

Is that you???

There was login from a new device!!!

And so on…

It’s nothing new, right?

Users would have noticed such messages in your email inbox at some point in time.


This factor was something that became a go-to approach for many hackers to exploit innocent users.


Instagram’s In-App Appeals for Disabled Accounts!

I have been following the Instagram official page on Twitter for quite a while now.

Although it was created to make official announcements, 90% of the comments we see are mostly like this-





And so on…


17 Actionable Tips to Get on Instagram Explore Page!

get on explore page

Getting on Instagram Explore Page has always been a dream of every Rob and Jay when it comes to growing your following organically.

Instagram Explore page is like FREE Google traffic which sends a targeted audience to your webpage.

The audience from the Instagram Explore page is more likely to be your loyal fan and convert more successfully as compared to visitors from any paid promotion.

Instagram Explore page is STILL an UNTAPPED golden mine for many of the brands and marketers.

And I am saying this because most of the people on the platform often resort to ‘Paid Ads’, ‘Fake Followers’, and ‘Getting More Likes” than the organic source.


Instagram testing Map Sticker for Instagram Stories!

The moment one thinks the Instagram platform couldn’t be better, the company comes up with yet another feature to ultimately ease the overall functionality and interface of the main app.

Jane Manchung Wong, a young girl (also a reverse engineer) from Hong-Kong who tests the unreleased features of the app recently publicized on her Twitter account that Instagram is ‘testing a story feature that would display user location on the world map’.