Instagram Stories Shoutout Feature out Now!!!

What is a Shoutout?

“A mention, credit, or greeting, typically one made over the radio or during a live performance.”

I mean…

That is how Google describes a shoutout.

But in today’s tech world, it is more than that.

New Products?


New Film?


New arrival on the Instagram platform?


And the list goes on…

With over a billion user base and consistent growth of new users, Instagram has emerged as a hub for new businesses and brands to flourish their name on a bigger scale.

And the results clearly prove this fact…

I mean…

More than 86% of the brands have their own Instagram account.

There must be reason for sure!

And it is the influence that Instagram can easily drive.


Share your Instagram Stories on Facebook Dating!

Earned its place as an opt-in feature within the main app, ‘Facebook Dating’ made its first appearance in September last year.

The company made it clear right from the get-go that the users who opt for the services would notice it floating within the main app (Facebook and Instagram) and it would tap into their feeds so as to exemplify the quality of its service.


What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean in Instagram DM?

So today, while I was scrolling through my feeds, in what felt like that I should arrange a get together this Christmas with all my ex-school mates.

Going through the feeds I observed something that many of my users would have surely noticed by now.


If not by now…

I am sure you would bump into such a case somewhere down the lane.



Instagram brings New Updates for Younger Users on its Community!

Every content on the Instagram platform is not for everyone.

And, it’s a fact!

You would not want your 13-year-old son to go through those almost nudes that more often than not get viral on the platform.

Unlike that, a guy of 40+ would want a feed that caters to his choices and needs.

Age is not just a number when we talk about distributing content.

And that’s what matters for Instagram too.

It is for this reason, yesterday, Instagram made an announcement regarding an update in its policy which would tend users to share their date of birth with Instagram while they sign up.


Difference between Deleting Instagram Account Permanently and Temporarily!!!

There happened to be a reason why hiding like counts has become a priority for Instagram.

To bring out more creativity rather than usual plastered content.

I mean, that’s how Instagram justified.

The fact that it is being tested globally now clearly indicates the fact that Instagram is well aware of the fact that the user’s on the platform are quite anxious about how many likes they receive.

Which ultimately…

Leads to depression and other psychological issues.


Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger down on Thankgiving!

Crashing Instagram, or Messenger?

Not able to load any feed or load page?

Or, some other app issues?

If that sounds more like you, I must assure you that you are not alone.

The Instagram app seems to have these maintenance issues these days which it later confirmed on its Twitter handle.

It said- “Many users are reporting that the apps appear to work but aren’t actually pulling anything new, instead just showing whatever they’ve got cached from before the servers went down. Others can’t even get the page to load.”

Be it a Shiv from India, or a Joe from Ireland, everyone faced issues on their Instagram and Messenger app this Thanksgiving.

To that end, TechCrunch reported that-
Many users are reporting that the apps appear to work but aren’t actually pulling anything new, instead of just showing whatever they’ve got cached from before the servers went down. Others can’t even get the page to load.

Even when I wanted to ask my friend about what they were going to buy on Thanksgiving this year, I observed that the messages on Instagram direct were stuck and didn’t reach the other end.

Moreover, the sudden influx in the Down Detector user report revealed that the outage started nearly at 6 AM pacific.

While some users were even not able to log in and facing some serious issues, it forced Instagram to take some sudden action and fixed the issues that it confirmed on its Twitter handle quoting-

“Gobble Gobble, we back! We apologize for the inconvenience and wish a #HappyThanksgiving for those who celebrate!”

Although most issues were sorted right after the outage took place on the platform, there were some number of users still complaining that they could access their accounts even after.

There seem to be no such announcements how long would it actually take for Instagram to solve each issue of those accounts, users are anxiously waiting for their accounts to return to the normal state!


How to Best Use Instagram Stories in 2020?

If you and your business are on Instagram, you must surely know about Instagram Stories.

Featured at the top of your feed as little circles, Instagram stories are a loop of images or a video that you share with your followers for a limited time-period of 24 hours.

Read More- What are Ideal Instagram Story Dimensions?

Instagram users can add new content to an uploaded story and Instagram would continuously loop in all active content uploaded within past 24 hours.

However, once you reach the 24-hour mark, the story disappears forever.


Instagram is Testing Hiding Likes Globally!

The testing of hiding like counts on Instagram posts initially kicked off in Canada this year in April which soon became go-to news feed of every single tech blog and news channel out there.

And the hype was in the air for the fact that the alteration’s impact that the company brought about had some immense affect on what Instagram platform was known for- Likes (aka Hearts)!

But now, Instagram has officially made like counts private for a few users around the globe.

Instagram has made these alterations so as to stop the herd mentality that used to persist earlier where a post quite a generous number of likes was appreciated more than a post that received one or two.


Instagram’s Stalker app ‘Ghosty banned on Play Store!

Have you ever tried looking for ways to see someone’s private profile?

I am sure we all do it at least once in our lifetime!

And it is for this reason, an app named ‘Ghosty’ was downloaded more than 500,000 times within just six months of its release.


What exactly was this Ghosty app?

“Just share your Instagram login credentials with us to get access to many private accounts.”

I am not saying that!

Ghosty did!

Released in April 2019 by a Turkey-based developer, the ‘Ghosty’ app promised its users to let them view any private profile on the Instagram platform.


How to download Instagram Photos and Videos Online without any App?

So yesterday…

While I was scrolling through my feeds, in what felt like that I should save a video.

And I seriously loved it!

I mean, we all have certain choices, and sometimes we want our favorite clips to remain in our gallery.


Instagram came up with “saved” feature back in 2016 that helped users to categorize certain posts and keep them saved as a collection in a different location on their Instagram app that they could easily access later. …