Manage Third-Party Apps with Instagram’s New Security Feature!!!

Instagram is responsible to safeguard user data that every single individual share on the platform.

It is for this reason, the Instagram team always come up with their innovative features, among which is the latest ‘Third-party Data Restriction Feature’ that makes it possible for Instagram users to control the data they share with these third-party services.

manage third party apps

Manage Third-Party Applications within Instagram!

The third-party applications and services typically offer its users choose to “Import photos from Instagram app” as well as to “Connect to Instagram.” … 


Instagram’s ‘Dark Mode’ Feature 101!

Dark mode on Instagram

Adam Mosseri on Twitter!

Earlier this year, Google released a system-wide dark theme mode with the recent android update (Android 10).

Soon after which, quite a few of its native applications already started off incorporating the brand-new dark mode theme.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of third-party applications that happen to yet make this switch.

While on the other hand many are eventually bringing out this update.

The Facebook owned company, Instagram turns out to be the latest app that has switched to this functionality that users can now use by updating their phones to the latest version. … 


Instagram Removes the “Following Tab Feature”!

Did she come online?

Why did he not reply yet?

What she must be doing?

What places does he prefer?

Or even the meme pages.

Instagram following tab was the answer to any of such queries ‘when it existed’.



Yeah, exactly!

Recently, a report via Buzzfeed News claimed that Instagram would soon get rid of its following tab feature as a result of its increased workload.

Fortunately (for those who hated it) and unfortunately (for the stalkers), the update rolled out live just three to four days later. … 


Instagram’s Anti Bullying Feature ‘Restrict’ Out Now!!!

Instagram Restrict feature

Instagram introduces Restrict Feature!

In order to safeguard the user’s account via unnecessary connections on the platform, Instagram just released its previously rumored element feature known as ‘Restrict’.

Online bullying and teasing have always been a complicated issue for users all around.

Instagram was well aware of the fact that the younger generation encounters an exorbitant magnitude of social intimidation. … 


Instagram Launches Close Friends Messaging App ‘Threads’

Instagram launches Threads

Instagram launches Threads!!!

Past year in 2018, Instagram integrated an exciting new Close Friends utility with regards to its stories section that makes it possible for Instagram users to publish their specific Instagram Stories within a controlled limit of individuals.

But now, it’s October 2019!

And Facebook is something that has been always known for bringing in something new for its users. … 


Facebook launches Instagram Music in India!

Facebook lauches Instagram Music

Instagram Music Now in India!

Instagram released a background music functionality in its app a year ago in June 2018.

The incorporation came soon after Fb finalized deals with some of the most significant track labels that made it possible for the apps to roll out such element.

An integration that competition applications (Snapchat) could not execute due to copyright concerns.



Why is Instagram Hiding Likes Counts? [September Update!]

People capital is a considerably a real phenomenon that has indeed amounted to exemplify a modernistic trade that is exclusively correlated with a person’s influential applicability.

The number of fans that a person retains on social media has the ability to authentically change someone’s perception concerning them. You might appreciate them more, preferentially consider them more genuine, and feel a lot more inclined to trust their opinions.

Instagram hiding likes

A Screenshot from Jane Wong’s Twitter Account!

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that would hide “Like” counts on your post.

Rumors have circulated all around ever since screenshots acquired by Jane Manchun Wong, a Hong Kong-based lady, who as a passion searches for unreleased features within popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. … 


Instagram’s Tests “Clips” to Compete TikTok!

Instagram tests its Tiktok like new tool Clips

Instagram Tests its TikTok like feature ‘Clips’

Got a blog that you want to rank?

And yet not tried Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique???



Yeah, you heard me right!

Although it is completely related to SEO, the relevancy on other aspects could never be ignored. … 


Instagram’s New Messaging App ‘Threads’ in the Test Pool!

The Facebook-owned company, Instagram, is developing a brand-new and innovative messaging application named ‘Threads’.

Following the shutdown of its standalone messaging tool ‘Direct’ early on this current year, the Instagram company seems to be focusing on a brand new iteration.

The app is meant to put additional concentration on keeping a strong connection among close friends.

Created to instill ‘solid and close’ relationships amongst end-users, Instagram’s latest application enables particular individuals to share their specific location, speed as well as, their battery-life with their “close friends” list at the IG platform. … 


Instagram Explore Page Messed up? Updated 2019!!!

Instagrammers often turn towards the “Explore” section whenever they intend to branch outside from the accounts they presently follow.


For this reason, the Instagram team keeps bringing up new updates so as to enhance the user experience.

The brand new layout of the current ‘Explore’ section is an example of it.

Is Explore Page really that important ???

explore page messed

Google Trends about Instagram Explore Page


Nobody would search for a query if it was not useful.

And it is clearly transparent from the stat above.

The spike in ‘Google Trends’ for the search term “Instagram Explore Page” validates the fact how significant it is for the users around the globe to crack the algorithm of Instagram’s Explore page.

And hence, to ultimately secure a spot there… …