What made me buy FollowingLike? (+Worst decision!!!)

Following Like Software

Do you know what makes people buy such softwares that let them handle hundreds of social media account and do the work on their own?

I mean, tools like…


Or some other.


If you don’t know…

Here are a few of the most common reasons why people fall for such scams-

Expectation No.1 – They want to automate things and grow super fast and earn a lot of money.

While the reality is, you will get caught if you use such tools. And I am saying this because Instagram already knows the pattern these tools follow and you would fail more often than succeed.

Expectation No.2- The second reason why people buy such bots is because they want to run services related to selling likes and followers (pretty much why I bought it too, but all in vain as running such business requires a lot of patience to bear losses because you would have your number of accounts blocked every now and then, so it’s a complete mess, to be frank).

Expectation No.3- Not only for business, but some influencers also buy such tools to increase their fake engagement and get sponsorships from companies (as for influencers it costs a lot lesser than buying likes for every new post).

Expectation No.4- People also buy such tools to promote their company via multiple fake accounts (Although no use! I will explain to you why in some other article.)

It could be any of the above reasons or any other that intrigued you to buy such software, but the thing that happened with me and Asad is what you should never face.

So just a few months ago, I fell for this scam that not only wasted my number of weeks but also left a lot of worry on the table.


I used the word ‘worry’ not just because I lost $500+ to the wrong person.

But mainly because hundreds of people are falling for the same trap.

And I never write bad about any of the software out there, but I feel it as my responsibility to expose the bad, and stop the scam that is running on the entire Internet.

Sidenote- This is not at all a paid review from any of the company’s competition! I have bought their software in real few months back and hence I am writing this to tell you what this software exactly is.


For those who are unfamiliar with this tool, it is similar to what Jarvee does.

It can be used to automate various stuff such as liking posts, seeing someone’s story, or following a mass of people.

Kind of similar to what you have heard bots do.



Bear with me before you get over-excited and put your hard-earned money in this badly programmed tool that will get your account banned 95 out 100 times.

And I had to say this because that’s just how it is.

So before we learn about what I liked and disliked about this tool, let me tell you why I bought it, and also why many people are falling for this software that never works the way it proclaims.

As far as my case is concerned, one of my colleagues Asad (who works as a social media manager) found out about this tool a year ago and it seemed like magic when we read about the features that the company claimed.

(This was the scenario!!!)

FollowingLike was (and, still is) all over Quora if you search for tools related to social media marketing.

And that’s where they create the magic!

An army of their bots is working to promote the product all over the platform which appeals a lot until you have not bought it.

All fake reviews.

Fake accounts.

Fake Upvotes.

And whatnot…

It’s so appealing and real that even a professional would fall into the sales funnel.

And I am saying this because it’s just not Quora that is covered by their bot army, the paid reviews, and many reviewer sites (the affiliates) that show you all the good side of the software is what deceives you the most.

So seeing all this, Asad and I decided to buy the ultimate version (that cost $550).


You may wanna ask now…

What is the ultimate version?

The ultimate version is a complete version of FollowingLike software that lets you control unlimited accounts on any of the social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, etc.)

Sounds good?

So did to us, and hence…

We bought it!!!

Money paid!

Email confirmed!

All smiles, nothing held:)

Do you know what happened next?

Just wait for a day and…

I will release another part of this article tomorrow at the same time!

It’s an interesting one:)

But before that…

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Till then?

See you next time!





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