I need your help!!!

If you have been a frequent reader of our blog, you would have noticed that we mostly cover the news about the features and changes that are taking place on the platform.

But you know what?

‘IT’S OVER’ guys!

I am not going to do it anymore:(

Hey, please wait!!!

Before you make any wrong assumptions let me make one thing clear that ‘I am not quitting this site.’

It is the place where I built connections with YOU so I won’t leave all of a sudden if you have mistakenly thought so.

You guys are special for me!

But that doesn’t mean that I would continue like this.

What I mean is…

Articles only about features and news have become monotonous for both YOU and ME as well.

And it’s the reason, I am thinking of diversifying the content.

You may wonder- “So what would you write about?”

As you know…

The site covers everything about Instagram, so we would stick to that.


There are going to be more flavors on the table for you to taste.

We would cover extensions!

I am going to do more interviews with real Instagram experts just for YOU.

There are going to be tons of app reviews as well so you can decide the best one from the store.

We are trying to make it bigger this time, and I am pretty sure, you would all love the content that we are about to deliver.

That said…

I need a favor from your side as well.

As you know, I am doing this all because of YOU.

If you are happy, it pushes me to do it even more.

However, my friend, I need to know what you love and the type of content that YOU want to see on the site.

Likewise all other blog pages, I could have also searched on some keyword explorer tool for the most profitable keywords and could have written about it.


For me…

You guys are important.

If the content doesn’t suit your needs, it’s useless.

So please tell me what you want.

For reaching out, you can message me on LinkedIn (Click here), or reply to the newsletter email and I will try to consider your request for sure.

Also if you have any queries or suggestions, let me know in the comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Till then?

See you next time!


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I write, play, and drink cups of coffee. In the free time, I do a little bit of SEO, Basic Hacking and Coding. Kind of NOT so big deal:)


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