4 ways to View a Profile Picture on Instagram in Full Size

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Instagram has been updating features day in and out that has increased its popularity exponentially among people all over the world within a few years. As the number of accounts increased, it scaled up the activities of spam accounts, hence making people switch to private profile.

Yet there are ways we can at least see the profile pictures of private accounts (or public).

I know many of you would want to know ways to view all the pics of a private account, but we will cover that the other day.

I promise!!!

For today, let’s see four ways you can use to view any profile picture on Instagram in full size-

Method 1 (Using Zerostagram)

view profile picture on Instagram

1: Open the profile you want to view profile picture of.
2: Click on the three dots on the top of the screen.
3: Select “Copy URL” from the given options.
4: Paste the link in any of your mobile browser (FYI: I am using Chrome).
5: Type ‘0’ (zero)┬áin the URL before ‘Instagram’ i.e www.0instagram.com/…..(and so on).
6: It opens up a website that shows the profile as on Instagram. Click on the picture to see view it in a bigger dimension.
7: And YOU’RE DONE!!!

Method 2 (Copying URL)

view profile picture on Instagram

1: Open the profile and copy the URL from the three dots on the top of the screen.
2: Long tap the pic in the profile until it opens up menu.
3: From the given options, click “open in new tab”.
4: The profile you want view opens up in the new tab.
5: View or save it as you like.


view profile picture on Instagram
1: Just type in google – https://www.instadp.com/
2: It opens up a screen as shown the picture 1.
3: Write the username in the search section and start the search.
4: It opens up the profile picture on a bigger screen which you can download by clicking “download” at the bottom of the picture.

Method 4 (USING APPS)

view profile picture on Instagram

1: Although there are many apps in the app store, I am using ‘Qeek’. You may use other apps as well if you want.
2: Click on search username and paste the URL or write the username.
3: It processes for a second or two as shown in picture second.
4: After processing, it shows the profile picture with two options.
5: Click on “Fullscreen” if you want to see the picture on the full screen of your mobile phone or tablet.
6: Click on “Save” to save the picture to your phone gallery.


Although I personally tried all the above methods to view the profile pic of an Instagram account, please let me know in the comments section if you find any problem.

Try one or the other method, I am sure they would work on any device or account.

Do share if you liked our content and lemme know in the comments section below if you know any other tricks to view profile pictures.

See you next time!




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