Instagram’s Reels, new TikTok like feature now in Brazil!

Instagram's new feature 'Reels' now in Brazil!

Instagram’s new feature ‘Reels’ now in Brazil!

Pretty much any instance you notice a fresh program, a brand new application, or an exciting trending feature, you can easily stake the fact that various other rival apps would soon clone the best attributes out of the trend so as to boost their opportunity.

Moreover, it additionally limits the influence of the other rival platforms.

Let say, if it turns out that you could enjoy all of the trendy functionality and features inside the one app (i.e Instagram) where you already like to spend time and are quite aware of.

Users would find no necessity to install and look for any such trendy functionality in other apps. … 


Why you need Multiple Instagram Accounts in 2020?

It is utmost important for a person to find a balance between his professional and personal life.

Isn’t it?

The same rule applies with your presence on social media where you do not want to merge your personal moments with your business audience as your object is to increase the engagement rates and convert your followers into your potential customers.

Long story short, having multiple accounts on Instagram was needed by every Instagram user to broaden and come off more professionally and separate their personal and professional life. … 


Instagram ‘Categories’ makes it easier for users to ‘Mass Unfollow’!

Bhavna_xyz12345 sent me a follow request the other day.


It seemed to me quite a legit profile, so I decided to give a follow back.

However, later what happened was not so surprising to me.

A day after, she was all gone from my followers list!

Scenarios as such, of following and then unfollowing users on Instagram is no different to any Instagram user.

I mean… … 


Will Instagram Nametags soon be ‘QR Codes’?

Everything goes fast these days.

I mean…

It’s 2020 after two months!

The technology jumped from 2G to 4G, and people these days no longer prefer to follow the usual stereotypes that were once mandatory.

To that end, Instagram is no different.

It is changing day in and out.   … 


Instagram Testing ‘Deleting Everywhere’ Stories Feature!!!

Instagram testing stories Delete everywhere on all Facebook platfrom

Users can now delete stories on Instagram and Facebook in one click.

Instagram Story is something that has prevailed throughout the platform right from the day it was rolled out.

Although, launched in competition to the rival app Snapchat, the spike in graph of users on the Instagram platform following the rollout of Instagram stories is ridiculously unbelievable.

As of recent stats, more than 500 million stories are shared on the platform; which proves of the efficacy of the stories feature on the Instagram platform.

I mean…

It’s 2019!

And, everyone shares stories nowadays!

From a girl in Cape Town, to the clothing store in California.

You just name it!

There are chances that you might not find many posts on a user’s profile, but the number of stories users share are always higher. … 


Instagram rolls out IGTV new ‘Series’ feature!

Instagram's IGTV new series feature

Instagram rolls out IGTV new ‘Series’ feature!

So if you are a user of Instagram, you must be quite well aware of Instagram’s standalone app- IGTV, that it launched last year in June 2018.

Although there were so many expectations prior to the global release, the IGTV app didn’t grab much of the user attention.

The app still has only 1 million downloads on Play Store, which is quite less than compared to Instagram’s 1 billion+ active users).

And the reason is beacause most Instagram users still prefer Instagram stories over IGTV video application which grabbed attention of a few content creators who wanted to use this new feature more creatively and expand their following. … 


Instagram’s New Feature Flagging False Information!!!

Instagram feature Flagging false information

Instagram’s New Feature Flagging False Information!!!

Are you sick of seeing False Information?

So am I!

Instagram has turned to more of a place to run your propaganda online and spread fake news for some people.

The record coming from “New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights affirms a fact that the majority of the disinformation during the 2020 elections is not going to originate from other adversaries, like for example- Russia and so on.

It further mentions it would be rather via fellow Americans!

Even though Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (parent company of Instagram) were given much more interest up to date.

The research claimed that Instagram is going to be positioned to play an important part in airing 2020 disinformation campaigns.

Moreover, the exceedingly misuse of Instagram during the 2016 US election campaigns is not something that could not be ignored for the fact.

It is for this reason, this Monday on October 21, Facebook publicized in a press release on the subject of “Helping to protect the 2020 US elections” so as to curb the spread of misinformation on its platform.

Facebook stated that the company would soon be rolling out a whole new element feature on Instagram as well as on Facebook. … 


Manage Third-Party Apps with Instagram’s New Security Feature!!!

Instagram is responsible to safeguard user data that every single individual share on the platform.

It is for this reason, the Instagram team always come up with their innovative features, among which is the latest ‘Third-party Data Restriction Feature’ that makes it possible for Instagram users to control the data they share with these third-party services.

manage third party apps

Manage Third-Party Applications within Instagram!

The third-party applications and services typically offer its users choose to “Import photos from Instagram app” as well as to “Connect to Instagram.” … 


Instagram’s ‘Dark Mode’ Feature 101!

Dark mode on Instagram

Adam Mosseri on Twitter!

Earlier this year, Google released a system-wide dark theme mode with the recent android update (Android 10).

Soon after which, quite a few of its native applications already started off incorporating the brand-new dark mode theme.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of third-party applications that happen to yet make this switch.

While on the other hand many are eventually bringing out this update.

The Facebook owned company, Instagram turns out to be the latest app that has switched to this functionality that users can now use by updating their phones to the latest version. … 


Instagram Removes the “Following Tab Feature”!

Did she come online?

Why did he not reply yet?

What she must be doing?

What places does he prefer?

Or even the meme pages.

Instagram following tab was the answer to any of such queries ‘when it existed’.



Yeah, exactly!

Recently, a report via Buzzfeed News claimed that Instagram would soon get rid of its following tab feature as a result of its increased workload.

Fortunately (for those who hated it) and unfortunately (for the stalkers), the update rolled out live just three to four days later. …