Instagram Explore Page Messed up? Update!!!

Instagrammers often turn towards the “Explore” section whenever they intend to branch outside from the accounts they presently follow. It is, for this reason, the Instagram team introduced a brand new layout of ‘Explore’ section, hence bringing along extra means to uncover shots, videos, items and stories relevant to your interests.

Instagram has been working doggedly to make Explore page even more individualized to its every user.

When you go to Explore section, you’ll now notice a newly built navigation bar, that provides shortcuts to ‘IGTV’ and ‘Shopping’ followed by niche networks customized according to your interests, for example, ‘Food’, ‘Art’ and ‘Travel’.Explore page changed

Initially, people thought it’s a bug that seemingly hasn’t impacted all Instagram users, and in some instances, vanished shortly after gram users refreshed their Explore tab a few occasions. It’s furthermore, apparently, a factor that happened previously and people thought there is some glitch in their app.

“In reaction, last time- “Facebook claimed a server bug caused it.”



How to Archive and Unarchive Posts on Instagram?

While scrolling through my feeds today, I saw a few of the older posts of 2016 that I didn’t deem should remain any more in my account posts.

Should I delete them? … 


Ideal Instagram Stories Dimension and Size Ratio for Growth in 2019

Instagram keeps on transforming the social media world by its graphics sharing functionalities, that without a doubt are overtaking other social media platforms.

A significant part of this social media platform has been IG stories that have scaled up user’s functionality and powered him to interact more. … 


Shop on Instagram Online with Instagram Checkout Feature 2019

Ever since the initial days, users on Instagram have been crazy about shopping. They delight in the pleasure of finding out all those flawless model looks, infatuate over alluring tutorials, or seize exceptional mentors from a premium drop. … 


11 most asked Q’s and A’s about Instagram’s Close Friend List

In the last article, we covered-

  • What is a close friend list?
  • How to make a close friend list?
  • And how to share a story with your close friend list?
    PS: In case if you missed that article, you can see it from here- Introduction to Instagram Closed Friends List.



How to Use Instagram Close Friends List Feature in 2019

Instagram has been growing exponentially day in and out.

And with such a rapid increase in the number of accounts in the Instagram community, it was a must thing to add an extra layer of security and bring new features to ensure user’s privacy.

Let’s admit it, not everyone wants to share your personal moment with all your followers.

This lead to the evolution of a trend called “Finstagrams“, where users created a new Instagram account to share select content with a small group of people consisting of their closed ones. It ensured the privacy of user content that was not seen by all their followers on their original account.

But managing multiple accounts is not everyone’s thing, justifying the trend was not for everyone. Hence, it called for a new feature that could power Instagram users to do so.

Referred to as “Close List”, finally Instagram rolled out this new feature globally that added flexibility to share your stories with exclusive viewing permissions.

This segmented list cut down the work of blacklisting people from your stories and share your stories with a select few. … 


3 Instagram Hacks and Tricks You Should Start Using Today

Everyone loves hacks!

I want hacks, so do you.

Who doesn’t???

It is 2019, and our mind is consistently in the vicinity of pressure and workload.

With technology surrounding almost every aspect of our life, I should not be wrong if I say ‘hacks and tricks’ are synonymous to ‘boon’ in today’s technical world.

This aired thought in my mind to write about Instagram hacks and tips that you might not be knowing and should start using today.

Although, there are hundreds of Instagram tips and tricks that I could list down, let’s keep it short and simple for today and learn three Instagram hacks and tips you might not want to miss use of.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business and learn new hacks:

Hack 1- Story Background Color as You Want

Newbies (sometimes even experienced users) on Instagram often use just a black background for their stories that they create by clicking in dark or clicking pictures of anything by covering the Instagram camera.

People often underestimate the power of stories for growing your brand. But like I said in my earlier posts too that stories, if used properly, can exponentially scale up your Instagram engagement rates that ultimately result in more conversion of sales. … 


Use Instagram Stories for Your Brand Growth in 2019

If you and your business are on Instagram, you must surely know about Instagram stories. Featured at the top of your feed as little circles, Instagram stories are a loop of images or a video that you share with your followers for a limited time-period of 24 hours. You can add new content to an uploaded story and Instagram would continuously loop in all active content uploaded within past 24 hours. However, once you reach the 24-hour mark, the story disappears forever.



How to See Someone’s Instagram Pictures without Accidentally Liking Them?

Yesterday, while I was scrolling through the feeds, in what felt like to check Shayna’s profile.

Shayna was a very good friend of mine during my college days, but it has been more than 4 years now since we even said hello to each other.

I typed in her username and surfed through some of her posts.

Although I was casually seeing her profile, out of the blue(I don’t how) my thumb touched the screen, and? … 


How to Know If Someone Blocked you on Instagram?

Post- This scene looks awesome!


Notification- Garyvee just posted a few minutes ago!!!


Lemme check what Josh is up to these days.

Search bar- josh1234__xyz.

Result- No posts found.

Umm hmm???

What is the problem?

Are there connection issues?


ALERT!!! – Did you get block? …