Biggest Mistake that Rookies Make on Instagram!

Disclaimer- This article targets creators suffering from celebrity syndrome and how it impacts their growth. Any statement that I would make down in the article is all in general and ONLY to uncover the mistakes that rookies make. The article has no objective of character criticism about any specific someone.


How long have you been on the platform?

6 months?

2 years?

or more…

Do you own a business page?


If the answer is yes, then you must go ahead and read this entire article.

Because if you are making this humongous mistake, it’s already game over!

Do you know what it is?


You got me right!

It’s the celebrity syndrome that numerous rookie creators are suffering from.

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘not paying attention to your followers.’

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘not responding to comment.’

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘ignoring the DMs.’

And the list goes on…

By the way…

Do you know why I am saying so?

Because it’s not just once or twice when it happened on the platform.

Almost 5 out of 10 creator accounts seem to act like that.

That too…

Especially as soon as they get some boost.

Now if you have great sources and money, and the account you made is just for fun, you can go ahead like this and ignore the rest of the article.


If you are one of those who created their brand page to establish a strong business online, and you ONLY post and create content and ignore the rest process, it’s already game over.


Of course, there are a few exceptions where a few people’s reels went viral and they got 50k-100k followers in few days, but that’s quite rare to happen.

We are talking about growth in general here.

Still confused?

Let me tell you my story to make things clear-

Just yesterday, I was going through my explore section and I bumped into a design page that had amazing posts.

Everything that I saw there was super smooth.

There were proper CTAs.

The creator had high-quality posts.

Mesmerizing highlights showing his journey.

And of course, a little self-boasting too.

All good it was.

And it impressed me so much that I without any second thought gave him a follow, and started looking at all his posts.

Do you know what I observed?

A declining graph!

The engagement rate was getting low day by day.

And I guess the likes were mainly from his new followers one of them was me.

I started analyzing various factors on his profile.

And here is what I found different.

90% of users who liked his post that he published 4 months ago were not anymore liking his current posts.

Read that again…


That was way too much.

Although by creating more reels he was attracting and converting new visitors into followers, the older followers seemed uninterested in his post and were not liking them anymore.

And there was a reason for that.

You know what?

The same illness that I mentioned at the top.

‘Celebrity Syndrome’!

Celebrity Syndrome has been a constant mental status that exists in many rookie creators nowadays.

And what happens is that it makes them feel like a celebrity even with 10k followers.

Now I am not degrading the number 10K followers.

Of course, it’s a good number of followers.


What I want to stress is that people should not act like a celebrity until they are one.

There are a few rule of thumb that you must bullet in your mentality if you want to play it long on the platform.

And among all, the first rule is…

If YOU value your follower, they pay back, if you don’t, they turn a blind eye.

Don’t just ignore someone’s comment or DM just because they have 150 followers.

But the fact is…

Users on Instagram do it!

And we see it each day.

As a result, we are seeing engagement dropping day by day on such profiles (exceptions excluded!)

You should rather keep yourself in the user’s shoes and think if the person in front is not responding and replying to comments, why you would do that again.

On the flip side, if you reply to the comments, and also answer all DMs, the person on the other end feels special.

And when they feel good, they do that again.

When they comment again, your engagement increases.

And when engagement scales, it pushes your account’s growth.

It’s that simple!

You get what give:)

Give value and love to your audience, only then expect something in return.

And the thing that you need to consider is that even Garyvee follows this approach who has 9+ million followers on Instagram.

If he can reply to many comments and make his followers feel good, why can’t you?

So in case if you are still making this mistake, just forget what you did until now, and start from today.

Reply to all the DMs.

Reply to all the comments that you receive on your post.

Or at least like them if you can’t reply.

Also, appreciate users in your stories, and try to communicate as much as you can.

Use these basic approaches in your day-to-day activity on the platform, and you would see the results pretty soon.

By the way, how often do you see such Instagrammers who are suffering from this syndrome?

Let me know about it in the comments down below!

Also, share this article with someone who is making this mistake.

Till then?

See you next time!


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