Why bots like FollowingLike Get Caught and Fail?

So if you have read my previous articles, you would have gauged what this software exactly is.


If it all seems new to you, please go read my other articles which I am linking below where I gave my unbiased review about this software and what it exactly is.

Moreover, I won’t be mentioning about FollowingLike’s functionality right from the get-go in this article today, rather I would try uncovering the facts why it fails.

And why so many other bots too.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s get started!

Read This Story Cautiously- A boy named Joe found out a new secret street that saved him a lot of time as there was no traffic in it.

Initially, Joe used to follow the normal route that all the townspeople followed.

And since every person of the town followed the same, it was the most crowded one.

Everyone who followed this lane always reached late to their places.

But now as he (Joe) found a new route, he could reach his school in time.

Soon his friends too started following this secret lane.

This time-saver route seemed magic for them.

The news of this secret street sooner reached 100 more people, then 1000 more, and pretty soon almost every person of that city got to know about it.

Now people started following this secret lane which ultimately made it even more crowded than the main lane.

As a result, people again started facing the delay just for the reason that the secret street wasn’t secret anymore.

Boring story, right?

But if you have read it cautiously, you would have gauged what I exactly meant.

FollowingLike and many other free bots that claim to work like magic and bring you loads of money by bringing thousands of followers are not that bad how much a real user would mention.

P.S.- There are hundreds of bot army working 24/7 to write good about such tools so you could fall into their trap. Don’t trust these fake reviews and the paid sites. It’s how they deceive innocent users to buy!

So coming back to showing you some good sides of such software and uncovering why these fail quite often, I believe the main reason is the “PATTERN”.

Underline this word, cuz there is a humongous long list of components that I referred to as ‘PATTERN’ in my last statement.

One of them is the “script function”.

For those who don’t know what a function is?

A function is a set of code that you can call to make your script run in a certain way.

So let’s say, there is a function that does this-

  • 1- Goes to instagram.com
  • 2- Scroll here and there.
  • 3- Goes to the link of the post that the user mentioned.
  • 4- Likes, and comments!
  • 5- And then, closes the window:)

So when you would call this, the same set of instructions would run every time you call it in your program(either synchronously or asynchronously).

And as you can see, this code formed a ‘PATTERN’ (going to the site, scrolling, opening a link, like and comment).

So if this occurs once or twice or even a few more times, the platform doesn’t care much.

However, when such a thing starts happening on such a large scale, the algorithm records it as suspicious activity and every account that runs in this way comes under the suspicion radar of the platform.

This, as a result, leads to your account getting action blocked, or even permanent suspension if it’s seen acting the same many times.

Moreover, such bots use headless browsers which are sometimes outdated and have suspicious fingerprints that are added randomly (bots are easily detected by this).

So when such a headless old browser with a bot like fingerprints run together, it creates a mess for YOU down the lane.

And it is for this reason…

Users like me and you would often be just restoring accounts by paying money to SMS services.

Mess it is, to be frank!

Trust me…

I have tried many free bots and FollowingLike ($550 paid version), and what utterly disappoints me is the failure rate that you get using such tools.

And to be true with you all, I have no issues with the company if these tools fail, but when the customer support is so obstinate and their programmer even couldn’t fix it, they should at least be this generous enough to initiate the refund.

However, you would rather be shot with bullets of excuses that would complain about your window, your usage, your hardware, or even your internet connection.

But they never refund!

Nonetheless, this article was why it fails so often which I think I made clear in my points.

By the way, how was your weekend? (**I can’t ask your experience of course, cuz I can’t deliberately make you buy such a fake tool that would get you blocked. So I had to ask a normal question this time. Would surely ask something related to the topic next time.**)

Let me know in the comments down below!

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Till then?

See you next time!



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