TikTok’s ‘Duet’ like feature ‘REMIX’ now Rolls Out on INSTAGRAM!

Instagram Remix

There has been an enormous surge in imaging the same features that one app gained popularity for.

Be it TikTok’s Music feature that got cloned on Instagram, or Snapchat’s stories that soon became a recipe for every other social app to cater the same.

And it’s nothing surprising, to be frank.

Social platforms do it mainly for two personal reasons-

The top reason why they do it is because they want their users to get the functionality on the same app that they might look for in other viral apps.

Feature imaging became a trend also because bigger apps want to maintain their user base and curb the growth of other apps that could be a potential competition down the lane.

Fair enough!


The same happened yesterday when Instagram took it to their Twitter handle and announced a new feature that resembles exactly like TikTok’s Duet feature (that enabled its users to react and interact with another person’s video content while creating their own).

Re-re-re-remix…Now you can use the Remix feature in Reels to create your own reel next to one that already exists. Whether you’re capturing your reaction, responding to friends, or bringing your own magic to trends, Remix is another way to collab on Instagram- Twitted Instagram on its main page.

Now those who have used TikTok must have gauged clearly what ‘Remix’ exactly is.

However, if you don’t know, or from India or some country where TikTok is completely banned, here’s what Instagram’s Remix is all about.

Reels Remix is a part of Instagram Reels that allows users to record their Reel alongside another existing reel.

Pretty much what TikTok’s Duet enabled you too!

However, this feature would surely be used by creators to drive a massive engagement by virtual collaborations that Reels ‘Remix’ allows them to.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a massive flood of viral videos that would be recreated using this feature.

Exciting, right?

Here’s how you can create your own-

1- Head over to the Reel that you want to use alongside your video.

2- Then click on the three-dot icon on the top right corner of the screen.

3- Choose the ‘Remix this Reel’ option.

4- Now you will see your Instagram recording on the left side while the remix that you selected goes on the right.

5- Hit the record button, and start recording your Remix.

Furthermore, you can customize it the way you want from the Reels tool that is given on the left panel. You can also change the speed of your video, add filters, sounds, and so on.

The feature although is available globally now, yet you might not be able to use properly for a few days.

And it’s for the reason that the feature is still unknown to most Instagram users, and most of them have not enabled remixing that makes it possible for other users to use that creator’s Reel in their Remix.

So just wait for a few days in case if you are not able to use it right now and I am quite sure everyone will enable it pretty soon.

By the way, in case if you want to remix your old reel, just click on the three-dot icon on that particular reel and select ‘Enable Remixing’.

After you have done that, others would be able to use your old reels as well for Remixing.

Also, these Remixed reels would show up in your Reels profile section alongside other older Reels and Instagram would notify you in case if any of the Instagram users used your reels for Remixing in the activity tab of your profile.

Awesome, right?

By the way, which creator would you create your first ‘Remix’ with?

Let me know about it in the comments down below!

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Till then?

See you next time!


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