Read this before Buying FollowingLike! (+URGENT)

Note- This is part of the FollowingLike Review Series. So in case if you have missed the earlier articles, Please read them first and come back here later!

So as I already mentioned about my first-time experience while using FollowingLike in the last article, I moved to this social media bot once again in January this year.

And to make things worse…

The functionality even got worse.

I am leaving a video down below for you all to see how it all was.

Please watch it first, and then I will proceed next.

So as you can see, this was the number one issue that arrived most of the time.

Whenever I opened this software, the software caused this issue every now and then and took too long just to open.

Now let’s say you buy a program from me…

What would you expect?

A working application!


But this issue has been a cause of my worry since day one.

Sometimes it opened in a minute or two.

While on the other hand…

Someday it took 10-15 minutes just to show the opening screen.

Would YOU want to wait that long?

I guess not.

So was I.

Then too, I ignored this flaw and expected something good from it.

And right when I was suffocating with the extreme delay that it caused, the application caused another issue that made things even worse for me.

Here’s the proof video of that issue-

I told the FollowingLike team about it, and they said that the issue was caused because of the missing XUL files.

And as you can see, I have all the files already installed in my system, yet the same issue arrived.

There was back-to-back texting via emails from customer support; however, it was all in vain.

The screenshot below clearly shows how tough it was for me to convince about my problems.

100+ emails sent.

Then too…

I didn’t give up.

There remained a hope that I would get a refund because their program was not working.

Their refund policy was something like this- “In case if the problem is with our software and our team is not able to solve it, we would then refund the money.”

And also here in the email that they sent me-

Whitehatbox a scam!!

But trust me…

It’s a BIG FAT LIE that FollowingLike mentions on the sales page.

They don’t care about their customers, or what problems you are facing.

You will never get your money back.

No matter what.

The company asked me one last chance to give access to my laptop via team viewer (I wish I recorded that too), but it was the funniest thing that could ever happen.

Their programmer had access to my laptop for almost 35-40 minutes in total and even he/she couldn’t do anything.

1- He checked all the XUL files, and they were all present. So when he tried opening the program, it didn’t even load (hahaha). The loading process which happens while one opens the program, even that didn’t happen. All blank he was. He tried almost 5-6 times to open it again, but couldn’t do anything. And that’s the reality of this software and its programmers.

2- So when their programmer could not open the program, he was all baffled and started searching my entire laptop files to give an excuse about. When he could find nothing, he said that it was some Microsoft Redistributable 2015-2019 version that my pc was missing. And he then claimed that it because of that file that my FollowingLike wasn’t opening. He even claimed that the program will never open without that file.

 P.S.- When I searched online, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-19 version is not supported by Windows 7 so according to that I would never be able to download that package.

And when I would not able to download the file, they would blame it again so they don’t have to refund.

So you see…

It was all planned!

First, they asked me about the windows version that I was using.

And when they found out, they mentioned a file that my present version of Windows doesn’t support.

Case 1- Now let’s consider for a second that the software needs Microsoft version 2015-19 to open.

Point- Why did the program opened earlier then? Even earlier I didn’t have these files. My query was that why it opened in those times. Moreover, if a necessary file is missing, FollowingLike should never have opened earlier too. Right?

Case 2- When their programmer couldn’t open the program who himself coded the script of the software, how could they expect common users to deal with such a serious issue.

Case 3- They even confirmed that if their programmer could not solve the issue they would refund me the money in full. Now if their programmer could not solve and even open the program in 35 minutes that I gave them, and all the files were present, why didn’t they give my money back if they are so true to their statement.

Case 4- And let’s say that their software didn’t support Windows 7 Ultimate, they should have mentioned it on the sales page. And even their guy saw it was not working on my PC, so I guess, that was a solid reason for the company to give my money back.

But like I said, it’s all in vain!

They don’t care once payment is made!

Once the money is paid, do whatever you want they would never refund you.

If you are lucky, it might work otherwise you fall on my side.

And even if it worked for you during starting time, your accounts would face blocks every now and then.

So this was exactly my experience with this social media bot (called FollowingLike) that has covered the entire Internet with their bot army and still taking down many innocent users with their false claims.

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Till then?

See you next time!


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