The Nightmares of BUYING FollowingLike? (+Save Your Life)

So as I already mentioned why I bought this software called ‘FollowingLike’ in the previous article.

Today let’s see what I found when I bought it!

If you haven’t read the previous part, check it out below-

To be more specific, in this article today I would recite the whole story of my experience using FollowingLike Software and how it turned out to be a complete nightmare.

P.S.- Although the test made me lose $550, I would try to be as fair and unbiased as much I could.


So when you would pay the company the price that they mention on the sales page, YOU would receive a welcome email with a key that you need to enter after downloading the software.

The company also sends you the download link of the software from where you can download and proceed further.

The rest went something like this-

After downloading, when I entered the keys to log in, the software crashed right away showing some message (which I don’t remember now to be frank).

So I wrote an email to the company, and also opened a ticket about the issues that I was facing.

Fortunately, the FollowingLike team responded within an hour and mentioned all the requirements that I needed to download in order to make the software work.

As soon as I finished downloading all the requirements (such as .NET frameworks, XULRUNNER files, and many others), the log-in process went through.


I see an arsenal of all the proclaimed functionality right in front of me that they proclaimed.

NOTE- Don’t get over-excited, the rest was a nightmare!

So where were we?


We had a screen where we could manage the unlimited number of accounts on any of the social platforms.

The software gave me an option to upload hundreds of accounts right from an excel file; however, all in vain.

Adding 10s or 100s of account right from an exe file is a useful option; however, when you would log in for the first time this feature seems pretty useless.

Since Instagram’s security settings are quite advanced, even a slight shift of change in user-agent along with the location of proxy servers triggers the platform, and you are already in the suspicion zone of Instagram.


When you would log in, Instagram would need you to verify via phone number to confirm if it’s you using the platform.


The more the number of accounts, the more numbers you need for verification.

Now some of you would be like- “But Shivam, you could have used SMS verification services.”

I used them!

I used all of them.

Tried and tested!

And revoked every single account that I had.

However, my friend, the number one issue of using such numbers is that they are used by numerous other people in the world, so Instagram knows the level of trust that they could put on such accounts that use these numbers.

And I am talking about paid plans of verification services, not the free numbers on sites.

Moreover, let’s say they found a suspicious activity happening on your account, you would be asked to verify again on the same number.

And since the number was not yours rather a rented one, you would not be able to verify later.

Additionally, you can’t waste that much money on such a badly programmed tool that is already flagged by Instagram.

It just seems advanced, it is not!

So things went just like this as I mentioned above.

I used super high-quality proxy servers which were all dedicated and ran only two accounts on each (which is a good rule of thumb).

I also made sure that I don’t follow unfollow much!

As far as I remember…

I only followed 100 people in 10 days on each account.

So according to this, if you calculate, I was only following 10 people a day on each account!

And in these ten days, here’s what happened-

1- I wasted almost 10-15 bucks on SMS services just in 10 days to revoke different accounts that were hit by Instagram.

2- I also wasted a lot of time verifying manually as there no such process of verification in-built in this software.

3- Complete frustration of revoking again and again.

Hence, I wrote to the company about this.

Again they replied with few hours and advised me run slow and use good proxies.

I mean…

10 follows a day…

Was it too fast?


No man on earth would say that for sure!

Moreover, I was using BlazingSeo’s virgin proxy servers and then I shifted to Smartproxy so I could learn if it was because of my proxies.

All in vain though!

It was neither because of the proxy servers nor because of me running my accounts fast.

It was just their tool.

It was just FOLLOWINGLIKE causing this issue!

I was completely stressed out!

So I decided to put it all on hold.

Left all my accounts just like that!

And of course, Corona thing struck the world, so most things were as it is.

But you know what?

I turned on my project again in January this year!

And I was cursed with the most SHOCKING thing that made the situation even worse!!!

Any guesses?

I will tell you what it was in the next article!

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See you next time!




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