Why bots like FollowingLike Get Caught and Fail?

So if you have read my previous articles, you would have gauged what this software exactly is.


If it all seems new to you, please go read my other articles which I am linking below where I gave my unbiased review about this software and what it exactly is.

Moreover, I won’t be mentioning about FollowingLike’s functionality right from the get-go in this article today, rather I would try uncovering the facts why it fails.

And why so many other bots too.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s get started!


The Nightmares of BUYING FollowingLike? (+Save Your Life)

So as I already mentioned why I bought this software called ‘FollowingLike’ in the previous article.

Today let’s see what I found when I bought it!

If you haven’t read the previous part, check it out below-

To be more specific, in this article today I would recite the whole story of my experience using FollowingLike Software and how it turned out to be a complete nightmare.

P.S.- Although the test made me lose $550, I would try to be as fair and unbiased as much I could.


So when you would pay the company the price that they mention on the sales page, YOU would receive a welcome email with a key that you need to enter after downloading the software.