3 Updated Instagram Features that YOU MIGHT NOT KNEW!!!

Instagram has exponentially geared itself to roll out new features and functionalities to cater its users a platform the best it can be.

There have been number of updates day in and out in almost every aspect of the application, be it IGTV, Instagram stories, the music feature, or the update in the account disable policy.

With so many functionalities rolled out and some in the testing phase, Instagram made it crystal clear that it puts user’s concerns on the pedestal rather than any of its personal motives.

That said…

There are number of features that the company rolled out in its latest version of the app which didn’t get much attention from the users as not many still know about them.

Moreover, hardly were there any news from any tech blog that could have possibly made these features viral on Instagram.

But since you are a reader of Insta Secret Tips, you always know the insider tricks and tips before any else does.

So without further ado, let’s begin-

Number one is the latest rolled out feature that Instagram released globally just two days back.

It’s the additional pride stickers that users can find and use from the stickers’ plate of their story section.

Initially, there was only one sticker that users could use; however, Instagram has added the three extra stickers that users can now use to raise awareness and show their support for the LGBTQ community.

To use the stickers, click a photo from the Instagram camera or select one from the gallery, and then choose any of the stickers from the available tray.

Pride Sticker in Instagram

Once the sticker is the screen tap on it to switch between the two options of a particular sticker.

Keep the one you prefer and, YOU are done!!!

In addition to these stickers, Instagram is also re-introducing the rainbow colored hashtags for words such as #LGBTQ, ##LGBTQ, #BornPerfect, #EqualityMatters, #AccelerateAcceptance and #Pride2020.

Users would also notice a rainbow-colored gradient in their Instagram Stories instead of the usual purple ring whenever the pride stickers or GLAAD-approved hashtags are used (Screenshot below!).

Rainbow circle in stories

Another feature that changed in the updated version of the Instagram app is the way the liked messages appear in the DM section.

Initially, when a user liked a message in the Instagram DM, there used to appear a heart below the liked the message.


Now the heart is enclosed in the grey rectangular shaped icon.

So if you have the updated version of the app, you would notice of a heart enclosed in a rectangular grey box below the liked message.

Change in Instagram DM like

Pretty interesting, right?

By the way…did you realize that you could not post additional stories while viewing the first one right from the same screen?

I know…

I know…

Not many of us still know about it, but it is now possible in recent versions of the app.

So if you posted one story and want to post another one, tap on your story to view it and click on the top left side of the screen which has your profile photo and a ‘+’ sign.

Post instagram stories while viewing

Thereafter, post the story that you want to as usual.



Although it’s not so big of a feature, it would save you some time.


By the way, which of the features from the above three you didn’t know about?

Do let me know in the comments down below.

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Till then?

See you next time!


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