Facebook Account will NOW help you USE INSTAGRAM features!

Instagram from Facebook!

WhatsApp from Facebook!

And the list…

It goes on!

Although the networks grew as a separate platform, Facebook acquired them in 2012 (Instagram) and 2014 (WhatsApp) respectively. The company additionally gave a new rebranding in December last year as ‘From Facebook’ tied along with the nework’s name.

The unification of all apps was advanced with the approach to increase app usage and improve the user experience on the platform.


Just rebranding was not the end.

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For those who don’t know, there is already an option on Instagram to share your stories on Facebook directly via Instagram.

Just go to your Story Settings and Turn It On, and the stories thereafter would automatically get shared on Facebook too.

But wait…

YOU need to link your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT for this.

Another feature that rolled out recently was the ‘Video Chat’ via Messenger Rooms which made it possible for users to video chat with up to 50 people at once.

Yet Again…

Linking your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT is necessary for this too!

And the list (of features that require linking)… it goes on!

Joining in the bandwagon, Facebook is currently working on the integration of a feature that would let users on Facebook to view Instagram stories without leaving the app.

And of course, you could react and reply to them as well right from the Facebook app.

For doing this though, YOU would need to turn on the ‘See Instagram Stories on Facebook’ option and link your Instagram account as well.

Another feature that could be super useful for creators and businesses is the integration of ‘Facebook Pay’ in the payment methods of the Instagram app.

Although Facebook Pay is not that widely used as of now, an extra mode of payment for customers is always a thumbs up.

The features above were first spotted by reverse engineer Jane Wong from Hong Kong who finds unreleased features and security vulnerabilities of such popular apps.

Earlier too, Jane revealed many other testing phase features that later rolled out publicly in the application, so might as well, the above two too!

The features are currently in the final testing phase, so they could roll out anytime in the coming months.

However, one thing that is common in these features like we mentioned in the beginning is the necessity of linking the Instagram account to Facebook.

The gradual shift from an individual app (Instagram) to one of the most popular Facebook’s product (Instagram From Facebook) could indeed be seen in the company’s latest rollouts.

Nonetheless, it’s not so surprising as Facebook already made its intentions clear about merging all its products earlier too when Mark Zuckerberg stated his concerns about Facebook not getting enough credit for its expansion and other apps that it owns. 

The company’s actions definitely seem more than an attempt to boost its trademark as more of the recent features would require users to link their account to Facebook.

Be it the list of features that I mentioned above, or using any of the branded tools.

Do I like it?

I would say…only up to an extent!

Keeping both its products separate would be a better choice, or maybe there should be more alternative options where account linking is required.

What do you think?

Let me know your views in the comments down below!

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