What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean in Instagram DM?

Instagrammer in DM

So today…

While I was scrolling through my feeds, in what felt like that I should arrange a get together this summer with all my ex-school mates.

Clicking the DM arrow, I wasted not even a single second to send an invitation message in the group that I created years ago.

But wait!!!

I realized that many of my friends have either made a new account after school while the others deleted it.

Post-clicking the info button on the top of the group, I rushed to check the number of users who were still a part.

And I see what?



I didn’t mention this word above just like that.

Neither am I referring to the name Instagram usually refers to its users.

I actually noticed it in my DM’s section where I had a chat with my mate (a big thanks to her for the idea although she left the platform).


For a while, I felt like…

Did she really block me???

I mean…

But I didn’t actually do anything that could trigger her to block me.

We hardly ever chatted, and she was just in my school group.

It is, for this reason, I went down deep into this issue to gauge the reason behind such occurrence and came with this article today so YOU never have to think twice the next time YOU notice this on your Instagram.

So straight and forward…

Instagram users (YOU) would basically notice this when another person has deleted their Instagram account either temporarily or permanently.

It’s as simple as that!

Instagram starts showing ‘Instagrammer’ in place of username when you decide to finally disable your account from the platform (aka temporarily deleting it).


How to know then if an account is deleted ‘Temporarily or Permanently’?

Many of the sites and sources I checked before claimed that such a case only happens when a user disables his account only temporarily.

However, it holds true in both cases (whether a account is deleted permanently or temporarily).

When I tested it on my accounts (I made two accounts for this purpose and deleted one of them temporarily, while other permanently), I observed the same thing for both the accounts.

Instagram was showing ‘Instagrammer’ for both the accounts that were deleted temporarily or permanently.

The only difference that I observed was when you click on ‘Instagrammer’ to open the profile.

The results were different for both the accounts.

Since when an account is deleted permanently, it vanishes all the photos, videos and highlights instantly from the platform, so when I clicked on ‘Instagrammer’ to open their profile, it showed a blank white screen.

Instagram showing ‘Bio’ when account was ‘Deleted Permanently’!

While on the other hand…

The account that was deleted temporarily showed the bio of the user when I tapped to open that profile (like the picture below!).

Instagram showing ‘Bio’ when account was ‘Deleted Temporarily’!

Other than this, I think everything was almost the same when an account was deleted (temporarily or permanently) including the change of username, vanishing of display picture, likes, etc.

P.S.- More often than not, you would also notice that the chats would go away from your DM’s section when an account is deleted. Users basically notice this in groups where the other user have been a part of, or when they just deleted their account.

By the way, did you ever come across such cases before?

Whichever the case…

Let me know in the comments down below about your experiences or views.

And please do share if you liked the article.

Till then?

See you next time!


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31 thoughts on “What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean in Instagram DM?

  1. If that was deleted temporarily then… if you click on followers or following it will show the followers or not….

    1. Hey Madhu,

      If deletion is just few minutes ago, it could (because sometimes data update takes time).

      Although 99% of the times you wouldn’t be able to see the list of followers.

    1. Hello Rohit,

      You can only reactivate a deleted account if it belongs to you and also if it was deleted temporarily.
      Just in case you want reactivate your temporarily deleted account, log in with your credentials (username and password).
      And you are DONE!

    1. Hey Jala,

      First and foremost, thanks for your comment:)
      And yeah, you can send them a DM if someone’s account was deleted just recently.
      Although the chat would vanish as the data updates on the Instagram server and the user on the other end would only be able to see the messages when they reactive their temporarily deleted account.

      P.S.- If the chat vanished, you won’t be able to unsend your sent messages. So beware!

  2. Wow!! Everything you said helped me a lot to understand, my case was very similar to yours, and I thought all the time that the “person” had blocked me, I didn’t understand anything and at the same time.

  3. Someone DMed then a few minutes later, it showed as Instagrammer.. Thanks for your post, I discovered she temporarily deleted it, probably a stalker lol

  4. I have also came under such occurance . It was so recent. I got my first girlfriend on instagram and we talked a lot I can’t even express and she was very close and ready to give her number when she can but that night we talked and she told she would talk tomorrow morning and next morning her account turned instagrammer and after some time chat also vanished..I tried to find her everywhere including facebook and twitter but couldn’t find. It was so horrible experience. Is there any way I can find that person again..I know her details including birth date her place and family info.

    1. Hey Chetan,

      Unfortunately, there is no such option to find someone by date of birth (as per my knowledge).
      Moreover, if you want to contact her, you could DM your common followers (or maybe any of her friends that you know).

  5. Thank you a lot for your explanation! Very useful, you put my heart in peace because I couldn’t understand if I lost definitively the chats of an account of an important person in my life. I know that’s not vital to have the messages, but I wanted to preserve them. Fortunately the other account has the bio and the number of followers and posts visible 🙂 thank you a lot, nobody explained that better than you!

  6. Hi,
    Is there a possibility somehow when you deactivate your insta account all the messages to disappear with your profile too? I wish not even instagrammer messages to be showed.

    1. Hi Janela,

      Although I mentioned it in the article, I will explain you again.
      So if you deleted your account temporarily, Instagram would show ‘Instagrammer’ only for a few hours in other user’s chat section.
      After that, everything including pictures, likes, messages etc., would vanishes from the platform until you reactivate your account.
      Hope that helps!

  7. Oh! Hi Shivam my company account is showing the same which you described in 2nd part like it is showing me my bio description followers but not showing me any posts and neither the profile name.

    While I was login in they asked me to verify my phone number which is registered, they gave me verification code too after verifying the code Instagram informed me they will verify my account after 24 hours but it has passed almost more than 40hours still I’m unable to open my account. I think you help me in this hoping to hear from you.

    1. Hey Joy,

      For the first part of your question- Can you tell me if you yourself deleted your account, or it was taken down by Instagram?

      I am saying this because it can happen in two cases. Number one is when you yourself deleted the account, and second is when the account got deleted by Instagram (happens when someone reported it for spam).

      And after analyzing what you told in the second part of your comment, it seems like it was NOT deleted by you.

      Since you told that it was a business account, so chances are that maybe the one who handled the account did some spammy activity.

      By spammy activity, I mean, constant follow and unfollow via bot or manually. Some people even DM hundreds of people daily to increase the reach so that counts in spammy activity as well.

      Moreover, if you were using proxies for some bot, maybe you switched them too frequently, or chances are, they were highly abused by earlier users.

      P.S.- If it was taken down by Instagram, it’s least likely to get it back (you may try appealing to Instagram if it was deleted from them).

      Lemme know if you need any further assistance.

  8. Hello! today a dm (from 1 year ago) appeared to me as if I was the sender myself. I clicked on the message and the sender was “user not found”. however, the message he sent appears, but in the chat it seems to be just me. can you tell me what happens?

  9. Thank you Shivam, for the info you have shared to us.
    May you continue to share in the future…
    Lots of Care…
    Mila Balle

  10. Great post! One question – can you still see “Instagrammer” if the person permanently deleted their account more than 6 months ago or does the DM conversation disappear completely.

    So will you check with the experiment that you made and see if “instagrammer” from the permanently deleted account is still in your DMs now ?

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