Instagram’s Anti Bullying Feature ‘Restrict’ Out Now!!!

Instagram Restrict feature

Instagram introduces Restrict Feature!

In order to safeguard the user’s account via unnecessary connections on the platform, Instagram just released its previously rumored element feature known as ‘Restrict’.

Online bullying and teasing have always been a complicated issue for users all around.

Instagram was well aware of the fact that the younger generation encounters an exorbitant magnitude of social intimidation.

The reports also confirm that teens are the ones who are mostly influenced and are often unwilling to report such issues.

In the observation it was additonally found that these often are least likely to block those bullies from their social profiles although they are the one who experience it the most.

It is this reason, Instagram geared ‘Restrict’ to enable its users to discreetly shield their Instagram profile as well as managing to monitor such bullies side by side.

Instagram users can make use of this latest feature and restrict bullies simply by swiping left on the comment.

Users can even restrict others via their Instagram account’s ‘Privacy tab’ that could be found in the Settings section, as well as straight from the user’s account profile.

After a user enables the Restrict feature, the comments from that person on his post are going to be restricted and, will be visible only to that restricted user.

Users can opt to see the comment coming from that restricted user by tapping “See Comment”.

Additionally, they can delete, ignore or even can approve the comment coming from that restricted user so everyone can view it as well.

So, in case if a user restricts another user, from then on, they are not going be delivered any such alerts or notification via that restricted Instagram account.

In the event that there are any DMs via that restricted user, the messages are going to be automatically shifted to Instagram’s Message Requests and users will never receive any notices coming from such restricted Insta account.

Users can eventually opt to see the messages via that restricted account.

Moreover, the restricted user will never be able to find whether you have read their direct messages.

Additionally, they would not be able to see your account’s activity or when you were online during the day.

Instagram users can even opt to “Unrestrict” such restricted accounts by going to their profile and unrestrict from there.

If they do so, users will receive all messages directly in their inbox from then on.

Instagram has created its own space when it comes to doing anything with creativity.

The Instagram company wants to build innovative tools that enable the younger generation to speak up and stand against such bullying.

Create Don’t Hate Sticker on Instagram!

With the aim to spread positivity on the platform the Instagram team recently rolled out a “Create Don’t Hate” sticker in its Stories section (update your app if you still don’t see it), calling on the Instagram network to share the ways they make use of their innovative skills to resist online bullying and teasing.

It further announced in its statement- 

“For National Bullying Prevention Month, we’ve partnered with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Brazilian community illustrator @leonatsume to bring to life poster ideas developed during our Teen Bullying Prevention Design Workshop this year. These posters will be distributed to thousands of schools and community centers across the US. In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out a global anti-bullying sticker in Stories, inspired by these designs to support anti-bullying initiatives around the world.”

Instagram’s latest feature could turn out to be an innovative tool to tackle bullying situations that a number of people face every single day.

Although we can’t be quite certain if this latest feature would stop bullying permanently from the platform, Instagram is quite hopeful that it could be a game-changer to such online intimidations.

What do you think about this awesome feature?

Let me know in the comments section below about your views and suggestions. 

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