Instagram Testing to Publish Posts from PC!

Instagram on the web is NOT one of the greatest places you want to be when it comes to getting to use all its functions.

And those who have used it know what I am referring to.


You can’t post a picture or video .

You can’t publish on IGTV.

You can’t react to stickers.

You can’t react to sliders.

You can’t post any stories.

You can’t view more than 9 popular posts of a certain hashtag.

And the list goes on.

So you see…

The amazing platform without the above-mentioned features and a few more is like a mango juice without any mango content in it (you know what I mean).

Just enjoy the flavors guys:)

And the reason they do this is to bring all of their audience to the app which I even don’t know why.

But that’s what they prefer.

Maybe because most of the bots and python scripts that are used for scraping are based on the web version, so maybe it doesn’t want those robots to utilize the maximum out of the platform and ruin the real users’ experience. (-just my view, there could be other reasons too)

And like I said before, there have been hundreds of theories about the reasons of this issue (one of which I mentioned above), but we still don’t know what was the exact reason for such limited functionality on the web app.

Now that being said…

As more people started using the web version, Instagram received requests now and then from users to at least implement this functionality that could enable its user to post from desktop which is quite basic and mandatory if you are a frequent user.

The unavailability of this feature was the reason there came tons of tools and sites that helped users do such stuffs and schedule posts for Instagram.

However, third-party sites are just not everyone’s thing.

And also, one can use creators studio if he/she is a creator, or Facebook Business Suite if they are a business, but posting directly from the web version seems much easier than connecting your account to ‘Creators Studio’ or ‘Facebook Business Suite’, and then scheduling it there.

Fortunately, Instagram has considered this issue and started to test this functionality on the web version of the app.

Renowned app developer Alessandro Palluzi, just a few days back spotted this feature being tested internally on the web version of the application.

As you can see in the images, if this feature rolls out, you would be able to post images and videos right from your PC just by drag and drop.

The accepted image and video formats as clear from the picture are going to be JPG, PNG, MP4, and QuickTime image/video formats.

The process of posting is pretty much the same as it is on the app. Users can crop the image after selecting them from their pc, add available filters, or even locations which leads them further to a screen that lets the user add caption and hashtags too.

Firstpost mentioned about another positive aspect that’s definitely needed to be mentioned here, it said-

This new feature might also prove helpful for iPad users as they still don’t have access to a proper Instagram app. Instead, iPads support the iOS app. Until a dedicated Instagram app for iPad is made, the ability to post on the web can suffice.

Which…is indeed very true.

Posting from PC has become a must now if we see the number of users that need this functionality.

Now that being said, as Alessandro mentioned in his tweet, we can only hope that it rolls out pretty soon.

(Although there seems not to be any signs that it would.)

Moreover, the tweet from Alessandro only mentioned the testing of posts, so it’s still unclear if we would be able to post Reels or Stories too.

So you see…

Things are in the air, and we don’t know when.

Now all you can do is hit up Instagram’s comment section and request them to make it available pretty soon.

Or whatever you prefer.

Till then?

Use creators studio, or Facebook Business Suite, or Buffer for posting from the desktop as posting should never stop if you want to grow on this amazing platform, right?

Share this post who you think would find it helpful.

And see you next time!


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