Instagram’s Reels, new TikTok like feature now in Brazil!

Instagram's new feature 'Reels' now in Brazil!

Instagram’s new feature ‘Reels’ now in Brazil!

Pretty much any instance you notice a fresh program, a brand new application, or an exciting trending feature, you can easily stake the fact that various other rival apps would soon clone the best attributes out of the trend so as to boost their opportunity.

Moreover, it additionally limits the influence of the other rival platforms.

Let say, if it turns out that you could enjoy all of the trendy functionality and features inside the one app (i.e Instagram) where you already like to spend time and are quite aware of.

Users would find no necessity to install and look for any such trendy functionality in other apps.

Ain’t I right?

With that being said, Instagram as well as its parent company Facebook have always been quite incredibly effective in implementing such strategies!

Although it might sometimes come out slightly cheesy for Facebook to replicate other apps features so blatantly.

Nonetheless, it evidently delivered the results for FB and its other applications.

Instagram has a history of replicating features of other trendy apps.

So if you see an app trending now, there are high chances its attributes are soon going to be replicated to cut off the potential rise and draw away users.

Earlier too, when Instagram incorporated the stories feature that was first a main feature of rival app Snapchat, it came to light later that the company’s (Snapchat) advancement stagnated thereafter.

While on the other hand, Houseparty (by Ben Rubin) was acquired by Fortnite maker Epic, which clearly showcases the impact of Instagram on the social platform.

Start-up apps; however, that dream of growing in such competitive environment might not appreciate the way Fb proceeds regarding compressing out smaller competitors.

It works for the giant platform!

Instagram with its billion-plus active users, outplays all such apps as it is globally available in every part of the world wherein these new applications are yet to roll-out.

Hence, it turns out quite hard for new applications to get hold of the user’s interest from features that they already have on Instagram.

Merely by bringing out clone functionality, Fb has the power to easily stop an emerging app from expansion.

Irrespective of its release being a clone, the social media giant can whip everyone in the market, as well as, capitalize on their usage on its platform.

With regard to the most lucrative example, Instagram replicated Snapchat’s Stories structure, which fairly quickly overtook Snapchat in Stories users.

As of stats in January 2019, there are 500 million daily users on Instagram.

Noticing Instagram’s record concerning mimicking features from various other social networking applications and then integrating those on its apps and sites is nothing new to users.

Initially named as ‘Clips’ (that we published two months ago) Instagram is now finally rolling out a copycat TikTok feature that it now named as ‘Reels’.

Instagram’s new feature ‘Reel’ is a video-remix feature that it seems to fight back its new rival Chinese app “TikTok”.

When said about being a copycat feature, here is what Instagram’s director has to say-

“I think Musically before TikTok, and TikTok deserve a ton of credit for popularizing this format,” admits Instagram director of product management Robby Stein .

Reels would enable Instagram users to make a 15-second video clip, set music according to their choice, and then share it as Instagram Stories with the hope of it going viral on the platform’s brand new Top Reels section of Explore.

Similar to rival app TikTok, the feature would likewise enable Instagram users to soundtrack their Reels from a huge catalog of music from the tray of available options, or else they can even borrow the audio from other video clips so as to make their own ‘Reel’.

The feature was officially launched on 12 November (yesterday) for Android and iOS users.

However, for now, it is only available for users in Brazil where it is named as ‘Cenas’ by the Instagram app.

Everyone has got their own stand for incorporating such funtionality.

On one hand, Stein seems to be praising TikTok, there is a contradictory statement that later surfaced on the news.

According to which, he says, “No two products are exactly the same, and at the end of the day, sharing video with music is a pretty universal idea we think everyone might be interested in using. The focus has been on how to make this a unique format for us.” The key to that divergence? “Your friends are already all on Instagram. I think that’s only true of Instagram.”

TikTok users produce content material, covering anything from comic sketches to one-man-show track covers; hence, utilizing the app’s capability to record many videos and then put all of them mutually into a 60-second piece of art.

TikTok’s origins happen to be operating out of now-defunct application, wherein content material was mainly users lip-syncing to well-known tracks.

Instagram’s approach does indeed make good sense when seen on the stats.

TikTok continues to be progressively growing during the last yr, as well as cases to own even more than 5 hundred million active users.

Nevertheless, these numbers have not been officially modified for quite a while.

Facebook’s main motive seems to be preventing individuals from even installing these types of brand-new applications.

It is for this reason the company replicates precisely the same sources to maintain its users busy within its app.

On one hand, it provides an all in one platform with all the attributes and features of popular apps; while on the flip side, it cuts off other competitions and smaller apps from setting their stage.

How would Instagram’s Reel work?

Instagram users are going to find Reel in the Instagram Stories section next to ‘Create’ and ‘Boomerang’ on the tray of options.

Instagram's new feature 'Reels' now in Brazil!

Reels in Explore Section!

Users would be able to record video clips without music, or they can borrow the music of other video clips which they could easily find in the Explore section or via Hashtag search.

They can even use the search option to use a popular or trending song from the available options.

The parent company Facebook has a number of music collections secured via most of the major labels and indie publishers that would encourage users to take a shift from TikTok to Instagram’s ‘Reel’.

Moreover, it would even attract new users as well to use this awesome feature.

Insta users can pick the part of the song that they prefer, following which, they can record or upload multiple video clips to fill out the vacant Reel.

When they use this functionality, the audio snippets would show up all the top videos that other Instagram users made using that music (pretty much like Tik Tok).

Although it’s not that easy for users to get used to such functionality so early, Instagram is quite hopeful that its users would love it (and get used to it as well) as they use it a few times.

“Instagram is adding some much-needed editing tools for Reels, like timed captions so words appear in certain scenes, and a ghost overlay option for lining up transitions so they look fluid. Still, Reels lacks some of the video filters and special effects that TikTok has purposefully built to power certain gags and cuts between scenes. Stein says those are coming.” confirmed TechCrunch in its blog post about the editing options in Instagram’s Reel.

Instagram's new feature 'Reels' now in Brazil!

So, following a user is convinced with their editing process, they could either post their Reel to their stories, or they can even share it with their close friends, or as DMs.

And in case, in a user shares it publicly on the platform, there are quite fair chances that they might show up in Explore section.

As a result, they would reach a wider mass of people.

To that end, TechCrunch mentions, “Instagram would works around its own ephemerality by letting users add their Reels to their profile’s non-disappearing Highlights for a shot to show up on Explore even after their 24-hour story expires.”

While the launch limits only within Brazil seems to be an motive to test it on a smaller region, Instagram seems to be trying to find out loopholes that could stagnate the growth of the recent functionality.

Moreover, it could a be well considered tactic as Tik-tok is not that popular on Brazil as it is in other countries (USA, India etc.) so as to get a initial spike from its users in Brazil.

There are currently no statements via Instagram for its global release; however, seeing the past scenarios, users can hope a global release within a month or two.


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