Why you need Multiple Instagram Accounts in 2020?

It is utmost important for a person to find a balance between his professional and personal life.

Isn’t it?

The same rule applies with your presence on social media where you do not want to merge your personal moments with your business audience as your object is to increase the engagement rates and convert your followers into your potential customers.

Long story short, having multiple accounts on Instagram was needed by every Instagram user to broaden and come off more professionally and separate their personal and professional life.

Fortunately, it came good news two years back when Instagram announced its new feature to switch accounts just in a click.

Everybody has their own respective reasons to have multiple Instagram accounts.

It’s the reason I thought why not shed some light on a few of them, so if you have the resonating reasons, you can too take advantage of this new feature.

For brands to sell products- As covered in one of our previous post- 101 ways Instagram Hashtags Strategy for 2019, it is so important to have their own page that deals with the content related particularly with their niche, brand or their product.

Selling products from your personal account leads to less user engagement, which results in fewer sales.

So it is a mandatory aspect of every individual to have a separate business account as it looks more professional and drives more sales.

Moreover, for doing all this you will need to switch to a business account.A business account has many added features such as analytics and insights which can give an individual to have an exact idea of how their brand is performing and where they need to fill the void to improve more.

Accepting payments from the customers is also an added update in the business account of Instagram.

Seeing all upsides of having a business profile other than your personal account proves of the point that one should make use of this new feature update.

Why should you Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Promoting your page or product- Personal accounts have certain restrictions when it comes to promoting your page. You can definitely run a paid promotion by paying some amount to a popular page where they will mention you in their posts or tag you in their stories.

But when it comes to promoting by Instagram (which is managed by Facebook ads), you will need to switch to a business profile, hence proving of the point of having multiple accounts for different purposes.

Control over privacy- When it comes to giving control to the users for their privacy, nobody does it better than Instagram.

They are the lead-heads who never update any feature that breaches someone’s privacy concerns. Having your personal account same as business profile puts your personal moments, photos with your family in front of thousands and millions of your followers who don’t even know you.

Having two accounts- business, that deals with only your product, and personal, for close ones keeps everything on the safer side and looks more professional.

multiple instagram account

Reasons you need Multiple Instagram Account!

Helps Avoiding Multiple Personalities- It won’t look nice if all of a sudden people who are your close relatives start seeing your promotions of products on your personal account.

While on the other hand, users who are interested in your niche when see your personal pics with your family many a time, your branding comes off a little unprofessional as they are interested more in your niche than your family photos.

So if you have multiple accounts in this case, it avoids such multiple personalities and creates a balance between two lives.

For People with a different Interest- It is an undeniable fact that people these days have various hobbies- nature photography, making memes, having their pet accounts etc.

For this reason, it is the best to create a separate account with the name related to your subject or niche so someone who’s interested in your subject finds you easily and can follow you.

Let’s say you do photography and post a picture that you clicked.

Two days later, you posted a picture of you clubbing with your friends.

Does it look professional or personal?


So creating different accounts for such habits defines the line between your personal life and your other interests.Since we now learned the reasons to create multiple accounts, it’s about time we learn how to do it-

How to create multiple accounts?

  • Open your current Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Click the username on the top left corner.
  • Click on add account.
  • It opens up a screen that looks exactly like the time you created the account.
  • Write the username and password, or log in via Facebook if you have a Facebook account the credentials of which you haven’t used in any of your Instagram accounts earlier to log in.
  • Select sign up at the bottom of the screen if you don’t have an extra account.
  • And…You are DONE!!!

Now you can run multiple accounts from the same phone and app.

By the way, how many of you have multiple Instagram account?

Have you tried switching account yet?

Lemme know in the comments section below about your views and suggestions and please do share if you liked it.

Till then?

See you next time!




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