Instagram’s Tests “Clips” to Compete TikTok!

Instagram tests its Tiktok like new tool Clips

Instagram Tests its TikTok like feature ‘Clips’

Got a blog that you want to rank?

And yet not tried Brian Dean’s Skyscraper technique???



Yeah, you heard me right!

Although it is completely related to SEO, the relevancy on other aspects could never be ignored.

And I completely know that there are several other factors involved in a site’s SEO.


With just a little bit of SEO and the skyscraper technique, people have been successfully ranking many of their articles on Google.

And that is 100% true!

Now before you misunderstand me, I would like to make it clear that I am not in any way shape or form an SEO analyst.

Neither is this blog related to it.

But the relevancy of the Skyscraper technique is not just confined to blogging, SEO, or ranking pages.

It rather holds true in every single field!

For those who are new to SEO, you must be wondering…

What exactly is the ‘Skyscraper Technique’?

Short and concise- It is a technique where one copies the content juice of top-performing blogs in their niche, and then make content out of it that is 4x to 5x bigger and better.

The rest of the SEO is a long story.

Pretty much any instance you notice a fresh program, a brand new application, or an exciting trending feature, you can easily stake the fact that various other programs would certainly tend to clone the best attributes out it so as to boost their opportunity.

Moreover, it additionally limits the influence on the other rival platforms.

If it turns out that you could enjoy all of the trendy functionality and features inside the one app that you are already aware of and spend time on (IG, for example), there’s certainly no necessity to install and look for those features in other apps.

Am I not right? 

Fortunately, Instagram as well as their parent company, Facebook tends to be incredibly effective in implementing this strategy!

Although it might sometimes come out slightly cheesy to replicate other apps features so blatantly.

Nonetheless, it evidently delivered the results for the FB.

Soon after Instagram incorporated the stories feature that was first a feature of Snapchat, the company’s (Snapchat) advancement seems to have stagnated.

On the other hand, Houseparty (by Ben Rubin) was acquired by Fortnite maker Epic.

Although start-up apps might not appreciate the way Fb proceeds regarding compressing out smaller competitors.

Nevertheless, it works for the giant platform.

Instagram with its billion-plus active users, outplays all such apps as it is globally available in every part of the world wherein these new applications are yet to roll-out.

Hence, it turns out quite hard for new applications to get hold of the user’s interest from features that they already have on Instagram.

Merely by bringing out clone functionality, Fb has the power to easily stop an emerging app from expansion.

Irrespective of its release being a clone, the social media giant can whip everyone in the market, as well as, capitalize on their usage on its platform.

With regard to the most lucrative example, Instagram replicated Snapchat’s Stories structure, which fairly quickly overtook Snapchat in Stories users.

As of stats in January 2019, there are 500 million daily users on Instagram.

Noticing Instagram’s record concerning mimicking features from various other social networking applications and then integrating those on its apps and sites is nothing new to users.

According to reports, Instagram nowadays seems to be implementing a brand new element intended for IG Stories that would enable users to develop video clips in ways which are quite the same as how video clips are made in trendy short-form video app TikTok.

So if you see an app trending now, there are high chances its attributes are soon going to be replicated to cut off the potential rise and draw away users.

Kind of like the skyscraper technique that I mentioned above.

But in a different aspect.

The latest feature, referred to as “Clips,” was first uncovered by Jane Manchun Wong through reverse engineering. 

Outlined by Jane Wong, the IG team is currently working on a brand new, TikTok like tool called ‘Clips’.

Instagram tests its Tiktok like new tool Clips

Jane mentioned in her blog when she first found it out!

For those who don’t know Jane-

Jane Manchun Wong is a 24-year old Hong Kong-based lady, who as a passion searches for unreleased features within popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Instagram tests its Tiktok like new tool Clips

Screenshot from Jane Wong’s Twitter Account!

“Just like TikTok, ‘Clips’ allows users to record segments of videos into a single video Story. Just like TikTok, users can overlay music on clips. Just like TikTok, users can adjust the speed and timer of each video clips,” Jane posted on her Twitter account

“Clips” appears to reflect various features of short-form video application TikTok.

It’d make it possible for users to chain along with captured videos as one video recording, insert music, as well as modify every single clip’s speed and duration.

Wong mentioned- “Clips” enables end-users to share video clips on their Stories which can be captured in snippets and after that spliced together.

The option likewise tends to let users overlay sound on the videos, and then alter the length and rate of those video clips.

Do these features spark something?

If yes, you are correct.

These video-editing skillsets resemble the ones that are readily accessible upon short-form video app TikTok (a platform exceeding 1 billion downloads.)

TikTok currently provides users a complete collection of sounds and “music tracks” to include within their particular video clips, hence kicking off various viral social trends.

TikTok users produce content material, covering anything from comic sketches to one-man-show track covers; hence, utilizing the app’s capability to record many videos and then put all of them mutually into a 60-second piece of art.

TikTok’s origins happen to be operating out of now-defunct application, wherein content material was mainly users lip-syncing to well-known tracks.

Instagram’s approach does indeed make good sense when seen on the stats.

TikTok continues to be progressively growing during the last yr, as well as cases to own even more than 5 hundred million active users.

Nevertheless, these numbers have not been officially modified for quite a while.

Facebook’s main motive seems to be preventing individuals from even installing these types of brand-new applications.

It is for this reason the company replicates precisely the same sources to maintain its users busy within its app.

On one hand, it provides an all in one platform with all the attributes and features of popular apps; while on the flip side, it cuts off other competitions and smaller apps from setting their stage.

Instagram team is looking to incorporate such additional identical features to be able to battle opponents, and maintain its 1 billion-plus active users to keep away from such vibrant brand-new applications in the same way it did with Snapchat’s Stories, AR masks, YouTube, Houseparty, Squad, as well as, a wide range of various other applications.

Additionally, Instagram currently turned down Jane’s finding and did not give any statement on Wong’s observation regarding the recent Clips feature.

From the present scenario, it is unclear if Instagram will even release it.

But Jane’s post has definitely built some hype of this latest feature throughout the platform.

Instagram tests its Tiktok like new tool Clips

Jane’s statement on if it would release publicly!

But, if it does…

Will the new feature be able to attract TikTok loyal users to opt for the photo-sharing platform?

Let’s just wait, and see.

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Till then?

See you next time!





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