Instagram Explore Page Messed up? Updated 2019!!!

Instagrammers often turn towards the “Explore” section whenever they intend to branch outside from the accounts they presently follow.


For this reason, the Instagram team keeps bringing up new updates so as to enhance the user experience.

The brand new layout of the current ‘Explore’ section is an example of it.

Is Explore Page really that important ???

explore page messed

Google Trends about Instagram Explore Page


Nobody would search for a query if it was not useful.

And it is clearly transparent from the stat above.

The spike in ‘Google Trends’ for the search term “Instagram Explore Page” validates the fact how significant it is for the users around the globe to crack the algorithm of Instagram’s Explore page.

And hence, to ultimately secure a spot there…

What is Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram’s Explore section turned up as an advanced version of the initially called “Popular” page, which was launched the time when the Instagram application first kicked off. 

As opposed to the current look of Explore Page, the variety and collection of content that appeared before did not focus on precise concerns of specific users.

Consequently the need offering user specific data came to light.

As a result, the Instagram company developed its “Explore Page” algorithm so as to make things possible.

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Explore Page New Layout and Hacks!

Once it gets into going big with your content on IG, there is nothing more prominent in acquiring user touch as ‘video posts’.


To complement the execution, Instagram presented its users a verity of options to do so.

Those include- ‘Live’, ‘Stories’, ‘Video Posts’ and ‘IGTV’ (that was integrated not so long ago).

Videos on Instagram are no longer limited to 3-60 second video clips.

IGTV videos can now be up to an hour or so duration.

Video material is currently transforming into a major target pertaining to bypassing Instagram’s algorithm.

Simply by becoming familiar with updated features and pushing one or two videos in a span of time could potentially bear good results.

And in case if you are a social media professional, the best way to skyrocket your reach is to start out generating more online video content! 

Which implies the fact that ‘content creators’ can be considerably more innovative in creating content that would acquire the user’s interest as well as their connection.

Additionally, becoming familiar with the value of Instagram spots also works extremely well to shape the explore page algorithm to your benefit.

This means that if you are aware of what Insta precisely wants from a user, you can simply start off creating content material in and around that niche.

Implementing the aforementioned techniques, the chance for going viral is going to be significantly less complicated for your brand!

Moreover, if you are seeking hacks for your post to go viral, the old-school ways always add up some force to push you through.

One of which would be finding content on Instagram that is already going viral and getting some juice out of the trend that is airing on the platform.

It could as simple as reposting the viral content (by giving credit), or trying out hashtag challenges that are going viral.

Since it is clear from the above read that how much important it is for the brands to get on Instagram’s Explore Page, finding a messed up Explore page could sometimes be a little disturbing.

You may wanna ask- “Why did it happen?”

Why did your Explore page change at a sudden?

Let us see…

Why is my Explore Page Messed up?

Instagram always brings along extra means for its user to uncover shots, videos, items and stories relevant to your interests.

I mean…

It was the reason it was built for.

And Instagram always tries to live up their responsibility of executing this.

When you go to Explore section, you’ll now notice a newly built navigation bar, that provides shortcuts to ‘IGTV’ and ‘Shopping’ followed by niche networks customized according to your interests, for example, ‘Food’, ‘Art’ and ‘Travel’.

Explore page changed

New Layout of Instagram’s Explore Page

Initially, people thought it’s a bug that seemingly hasn’t impacted all Instagram users, and in some instances, vanished shortly after gram users refreshed their Explore tab a few occasions.

It’s furthermore, apparently, a factor that happened previously and people thought there is some glitch in their app.

“In reaction, last time- “Facebook claimed a server bug caused it.”

Alongside Explore’s latest remodeling to incorporate stories and a new navigation bar with a Shopping tab, Instagram is precisely taking measures towards curating personalized content.

If it’s anything like last time, it is going to more than likely revert back to typical layout pretty soon.

Explore page changed

Screenshot From Twitter about the Alterations

Nonetheless, if ever you even want to give your Explore algorithm a transformation, there is a way to game it.

If there’s a picture in Explore that you don’t like, you can click the ellipsis on the upper right-hand corner and pick “see fewer posts like this,” which are going to inform Instagram about your personal algorithm.

Explore page changed

Enabling See Fewer Posts Like This!

But as the time lapsed, it was confirmed that it was a recent update.

“IGTV” and “Shop” shortcuts are affixed to the main bar, ensuring it is easier for users to discover new items and videos coming from brands and designers you love.

Aside from adding these timesaving methods, the current layouts deliver a lot more immersive IGTV and Shopping experiences to check out.

Simply by tapping on “IGTV, one will see the recently updated home for IGTV, wherein one can surf a customized feed of recommended videos via designers you follow or may want to follow.

By tapping on “Shop”, you’ll now obtain accessibility to group filters in the navigation bar.

These filters let you browse certain styles of products on Instagram including Beauty, Clothing, Home Decor and a lot more.

This feature has rolled out in the United States a month ago, and probably will be available globally pretty soon.

So when you tap to check out your Instagram Explore page now, it is going look totally different than what might turn up at your best friend’s or colleague’s explore page, due to the fact that it’s exclusively modified to help you discover new content that you would enjoy (based on what you already like to see on Instagram).

The Instagram algorithm consistently studies from your behaviors on the app, like what profiles you follow, what posts you like, your engagement rates on a certain niche, and what Instagram Stories and IGTV subject you prefer to watch.

Stories are an important means for people to get in touch with their interests on the platform as their impact has been exponentially growing and over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

It is for this fact the Instagram team has upgraded Explore framework featuring stories to help users experience the full breadth of interest content on the gram.

Explore recommends posts based upon topics you’re interested in, the grid is now going to present you with personalized content recommendations.

The update registered a crucial step towards improving Explore, which according to recent stats is used by fifty percent of profiles on Instagram every month.

Explore considers the universe of subject posted to Instagram every day and crop up what’s most relevant to you.

Alongside different means to discover the best of Instagram, the Instagram team dedicated crafting the Explore section an even more ideal place to access your interests.

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