Instagram Launches Close Friends Messaging App ‘Threads’

Instagram launches Threads

Instagram launches Threads!!!

Past year in 2018, Instagram integrated an exciting new Close Friends utility with regards to its stories section that makes it possible for Instagram users to publish their specific Instagram Stories within a controlled limit of individuals.

But now, it’s October 2019!

And Facebook is something that has been always known for bringing in something new for its users.

Not so surprising, Facebook recently came with a brand-new standalone messaging application named ‘Threads’ that seems to have aired throughout the platform.

Link here!!!

So, in the event that a user enjoys Instagram’s Close Friends element feature, it is quite probable they would appreciate Threads too!

Threads can be termed as relatively an add-on of Close Friends functionality of Instagram.

Just imagine Instagram automatically notifies your close ones on Instagram about what you are doing; such as when you are home, when you at work, moving to someplace, or even when you are hanging out with your colleagues.

Won’t it be something out of the box?

I definitely is!

And that is the concept lurking behind Instagram’s new innovative companion application called Threads.

Threads seem to surface itself as a close friends-only messaging tool that starts up within the app’s camera accompanied by links to quickly share videos and images.

What is Thread All About?

Threads present its users with a couple of completely new functionality referred to as ‘Status’ and ‘Auto Status’ which enables users to personally allocate an emoji as a note to indicate to friends on Instagram Close Friends list about everything that they are up to.

Besides this, a user may choose to permit Instagram to decide on one emoji on auto-pilot depending on where they are, accelerometer, and can even share their mobile’s battery level.

The application is currently available for both iOS and Android in all parts of the world.

The latest program seems to have been developed especially for “close friends” on Insta within a concentrated, camera-first mailbox.

Known as threads, the app happens to be an associate to main application Instagram and hence, lies under the Instagram shade.

As a result, users can be pretty sure that they would not find Fb branding on virtually any place within this new app.

The Instagram business represents its latest product as a “camera-first messaging application which would deliver Instagram users a different mean to text your close friends within a dedicated, exclusive region.”

It says-

“Over the last few years, we’ve introduced several new ways to share visually on Instagram and connect with people you care about – from sharing everyday moments on Stories to visual messages on Direct. But for your smaller circle of friends, we saw the need to stay more connected throughout the day, so you can communicate what you’re doing and how you’re feeling through photos and videos. That’s why we built Threads, a new way to message with close friends in a dedicated, private space.”

Threads bind inside Insta’s latest social channel, that makes it possible for end-users to import their individual friends list out of the photo-sharing application.

In an instance, any individual who practically never built their close friends list can preferably choose to create one instantly within the app.

Although this latest application bears quite a resemblance in terms of providing its user with the ability to share photos and videos, everything seems to have executed in a more focalized way to sustain user’s interconnection within a limited volume of contacts.

Fact- And it is for this reason, it knocked off 5 percent of Snapchat’s shares during day trading stocks.

“For your smaller circle of friends, we saw the need to stay more connected throughout the day, so you can communicate what you’re doing and how you’re feeling through photos and videos,” outlined Robby Stein, director of product at Instagram.

How does Threads Work?

The application unwraps straight into the app’s camera interface, where users can personalize the 8 shortcuts to their close friends as well as group chats.

It is kind of the same as the one-tap apps in your mobile phones that don’t require login credentials every time you open them.

Launching the application would welcome you along with a camera viewfinder so as to rather quickly take photographs and then mail it to your close friends.

The Threads application offers a list of close friends (that you made on Insta) while having DM’s section for every single one of them.

Threads also facilitate group messaging pertaining to messaging multiple friends in your close friends list at the same time.

An innovative element feature that comes along with this Threads app is Status that can be employed to exemplify exactly how an individual feels, or else an activity which they are undertaking such as working, playing, and so on.

Threads Status operates much like the Facebook-owned company, Whatsapp’s “About” feature which was initially termed as ‘Status’.

As outlined by Instagram, users can implement Threads in order to text their followers in your close friend list where the user would get a dedicated inbox as well as notifications exclusively for them all.

There exists additionally an Auto Status option that instantly on its shares modest details about what place you are at while not fully publicizing your exact geo-location.

Threads also facilitate users to restrain whether they would like to share their particular status and even with whom it would be publicized.

In the event that a user did not create a list yet still, they can create straight within the App after they download it.

Text messages via your friends in your close friend list could likewise be found in both Threads and Instagram Direct.

Therefore users have complete control of information on how plus whom they socialize.

To explain everything more clearly, I will break everything down into three main points ( based on functionality) on what the Threads app is completely based on.

So basically, those three functionalities are Camera, Inbox, and Status Screen.


Threads app certainly is the quickest means to share an image or video recording along with your contacts in the close friend list on the platform.

The app opens directly to the camera and enables users to insert shortcuts so that one can share everything that they are up to in merely two taps.

P.S- Currently the app doesn’t offer any filters.

Users will find shortcuts to their friends in their close friend list, hence in case one uses ‘Threads’ merely to ping only a couple of users, they could pin those particular account’s profile picture in the lower part of their camera display.

So next time if you want to send out images, just tap on their particular profile picture and then swipe upside to share.

Instagram launches Threads

Users can ‘Click’ on the profile pictures to Share

Users can even opt to save images as well as video clips they recorded utilizing Threads in their mobile’s gallery or camera roll.


Inbox is all same like Instagram Direct, but with a filter.

To be more precise, Threads stop messaging from unknown sources that you are not familiar with.

It only shows texts from people in your close friend list.

Instagram launches Threads

Inbox Layout in Threads app!

Like I mentioned above, users are also provided with the functionality of group chats.

P.S: All the people in group chat must be on your close friend list.

Status Screen

So basically there are two ways a user can update his followers on his close friend list.

1- Auto Status
2- Status

Auto status utilizes specific location resources in order to share a user’s status with no user contribution.

The app uses the location data to update ‘At a Gym’, ‘At a Beach’, ‘At a Cafe’ and so on, but it does not reveal the exact location such as which Gym or beach you are at.

When the auto status is turned on, your close friends also get updated when you moving or even when you reach home.

Instagram launches Threads

Auto Status Available Options in Threads!

The auto status feature is an opt-in tool, which means that it is not necessary for users to use this feature.

After all, not everyone wants to share everything!

Facebook affirms that the information via auto status feature would not be utilized for advertisements, and is merely kept for a short term which would be wiped off when you turn off this feature.

Pertaining to the non-automatic status updates, the Threads application opens directly to the app’s camera to stimulate individuals to express and share snaps.

Quite similar to Snapchat that opens directly with the camera.

Instagram said that users could additionally place shortcuts on their respective home screens for more rapid updates.

The messages from friends in your close friend list would be displayed in a dedicated inbox of the Threads app as well as on Instagram Direct too.

It additionally facilitates to show battery life to your close friends.

You may wonder- Why show my battery level?

Well, when your phone is on charging or has a low battery level, chances are that you might be slow to respond. So, in case if your closed ones are well aware of it, they would probably understand the reason why you could not reply.

How to Create a Close Friend List?

Instagram launches Threads

Creating a Close Friends List on Threads!

Since you know now that Threads is kind of an extension of Instagram’s Close Friends feature, let us learn how to create a Close friend list-

If you already have a close friends list on Instagram, you can skip this part.

P.S- To Learn More About Close Friends List on Instagram (Click Here!!!).

  • Install the Threads application from the PlayStore and then open the app.
  • When you open the app, it starts at the camera. Find ‘Home’ at the top of the screen and then tap it.
  • It opens a menu, where you need to find the three horizontal lines (also called hamburger menu) on the top left, and then click on it.
  • Then click on ‘Close Friends’.
  • In order to remove or add a friend from the list, tap next to your preferred choice.
  • When you are done creating a list, tap ‘Done’.

Reactions on Twitter!!!

Instagram launches Threads

Instagram launches ThreadsInstagram launches ThreadsInstagram launches Threads


The Threads application surfaced soon after parent company Facebook stated its concerns about the future of the social networks, which it deems as more private considering the number of data scandals.

By putting together an application just for followers in your close friend list, Fb seems to head towards offering the users an additional exclusive space without excluding any social site’s feature.

During its announcement, Instagram pointed out that it has quite expectations via this new app to “bring users a little closer to the people they care about.”

According to Bloomberg, Threads seems to be betting on its users to share live personal updates online; however to a small group of selected people.

The status and location feature bears quite a bit resemblance to the one that is available in Snapchat.

As a result, it would intensify the level of competition between both the social giants Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram released Threads as a completely separate application; hence, for this reason, the company has nothing to lose even if fails to catch people’s attention.

There seems benefit for the Instagram company even in the worst-case scenario of this release.

And that is, It would let Instagram determine to find the functionality to drop within its main app.

Nevertheless, in the case, it works as intended, on one hand, this new app ‘Threads’ would solidify as an arena (via Instagram) wherein users would keep in contact with selected other users.

While on the other hand, it would scale down the user engagement of various other messaging alternatives as they are not able to block unwanted alerts from users you don’t want.

So, let us just wait and watch if this Instagram’s new innovative app gets a green signal from users, or goes like IGTV (which has fewer than 5 million downloads that is way less than the download of the main Instagram app with over 1 billion downloads).

Let me know in the comments section below about your views and suggestions.

Till then?

See you next time!





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