Instagram’s New Messaging App ‘Threads’ in the Test Pool!

The Facebook-owned company, Instagram, is developing a brand-new and innovative messaging application named ‘Threads’.

Following the shutdown of its standalone messaging tool ‘Direct’ early on this current year, the Instagram company seems to be focusing on a brand new iteration.

The app is meant to put additional concentration on keeping a strong connection among close friends.

Created to instill ‘solid and close’ relationships amongst end-users, Instagram’s latest application enables particular individuals to share their specific location, speed as well as, their battery-life with their “close friends” list at the IG platform.

Instagram new app Threads

Working of Threads App- Pic Credit (The Verge)

Screenshots of Threads came across via a publication (The Verge) that uncovered how the following associate application would operate.

Posting widely at social networking sites is great with an approach to assist individuals to be noticed.

Nevertheless, in these modern times, people incline more towards personal messaging tools as opposed to various other social platforms that are public.

And it is all as a result of numerous scandals that took place during the last decade.


Seeing the hike in the interest of users, it becomes quite apparent that there is a lot of prospect in private messaging apps.

It is for this reason, the FB team stepped up their game to take an edge over others by developing a whole new companion application for Instagram which encourages its users to conveniently share their specific location, speed and battery life with close friends.

Besides all this, the common features of the text, uploading photographs, and video messages are incorporated within the app by utilizing Instagram utilities.

So, in the event that the app is released publicly, ‘Threads’ would stand out as the most recent messaging application that is included in Facebook’s portfolio.

Regardless of the fact that the Fb Inc. already publicized its strategies of incorporating the messaging platforms of its applications so as to generate the “very best messaging experience”.

Instagram new app Threads

As mentioned in blog “CNBC”

It is still far from distinction if ‘Threads’ is going to be covered in this.

Although the brand-new app is currently in the test pool, it is presumed that it will soon be released publicly.

The new application uses a wide range of highlights right from the Snapchat app, such as presenting users with the capability to mail pictures and video clips to users on their Instagram “close friends” list, as per the Verge.

Based on a report, a standard Snapchat user stays much longer on the platform as opposed to an Instagram user.

Instagram new app Threads

A Survey by DailyBeast showing the User Time spent on SnapChat App


For Facebook, it is!


Facebook, as well as Instagram, have been testing out diverse approaches to engage the audience concerning Snapchat upon their platform.

Is Threads one among them?


Threads is merely an additional attempt from the company to acquire the target audience of Snapchat at their respective platform.

Although, it’s not the very first time when Fb adopted a Snapchat feature.

In fact, the widely used Stories feature on both the platforms was ripped off via Snapchat’s text messages which used to go away after 24 hours.

According to a report, the Snapchat app has got close to 400 million daily active users, which, of course, is not larger in opposition to the 1 billion+ users of Instagram who use the app every single day.

But the stats and some statements are something that always raises a concern for the company.

Instagram new app Threads

A Screenshot from ‘Vox’

As per the stats, Snapchat users are likely to spend much more time as opposed to any other app.

And it is mainly due to the fact that the Snapchat app focuses more on nurturing important relationships rather than general followers.

As outlined by The Verge, the latest messaging app called ‘Threads’ would turn out quite crucial for the IG company.

It would put emphasis on how to build a stronger, and a consistent bond among private enclosed user groups along with its primary feature of automatic status sharing.

Opt-in to automatic sharing and Threads will regularly update your status, giving your friends a real-time view of information about your location, speed, and more. At the moment, Threads does not display your real-time location – instead, it might say something like a friend is “on the move,” according to sources familiar with the matter, said the Verge.

Having said that, it also sometimes appears to be a strange idea pertaining to Instagram to bring up an app like this at this point that would enable the featured app to put up updates on your part and keep your connections up to date with your activities.

Seems more like a tracker app, Isn’t it?


The question is…

Do Instagram users want such a feature?

Based upon the first highlight that appeared, it can be said that the app’s features are relatively comparable with the Sanapchat’s Snap Map, that would update the contacts about your specific location.

And it all would appear within their personal news feed.

According to me, the aforementioned comparison is the ideal assessment for the app’s features.

Nevertheless, the IG team advanced their game a step further and enhanced its features better than other apps to incorporate users real-time updates.

To that end, it also enables users to post manual updates too.

Moreover, on the other hand, their Instagram content would be connected within the latest app.

Hence, it could be said that the latest app is an approach to create an enhanced version of Instagram’s DMs incorporated with automatic status updates.

“Messages from your friends appear in a central feed, with a green dot indicating which of your friends are currently active. If your friend has posted a story recently, you can view that from inside Threads as well. Threads also have a camera, which you can use to capture photos and videos and send them to your close friends.”

The purpose of curating such an app seems to turn the Instagram platform into an enhanced version of Snapchat features.

The app is currently receiving some positive remarks from its first highlight in regards to keeping close friends more connected, as opposed to broadcasting everything in your main feed for all to see.

It would definitely make it easier for Instagram to put a place where new users would count on the platform and make genuine connections with other users.

Earlier this year in March, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned his concerns in a statement regarding private (non-public) messaging tools which he deems would be a crucial element for the technology’s future.

“I believe the future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure and their messages and content won’t stick around forever”, Zuckerberg pointed out.

“This is the future I hope we will help bring about.”

Irrespective of all these plans, the industry’s data experts have cautioned the FB company about its plans to incorporate all their main messaging applications.

According to them, it could impose a risk on people’s private data.

Fb is among the largest social networking platforms consisting of users coming from around the globe.

And the Facebook team constantly creates things for the future.

Hence, private social networking is something that is a surfacing requirement for years to come.

And this ‘Threads’ app, without a doubt, is an attempt via Fb team so as to turn perspective into a reality.

Even though there is no formal clarification about the launch of the application; nonetheless, the users are genuinely pumped up about the app.

Tim Mackey, who works for software company Synopsys, stated that the FB’s maneuver was, in fact, specifically a result pertaining to company’s “spotty history” with regards to the management of users’ private data.

“Merging personal information and privacy configuration from three significant applications won’t be trivial,” Mr. MacKey told The Independent earlier this year.

“Facebook development teams would do well to look at this precedent and prioritize user privacy.”

“The application happens to be being tested upon FB’s internal platform for now,” TheVerge reported.


If released publicly, FB’s ‘Thread’ app would assist users to ease real-life meet-ups as well as develop a deeper connection with other users.

Hence, setting up a far more significant companion for the Instagram app.

Maintaining the anonymity of its release till now, it is even feasible that the Fb team could stand over its strategies prior to the app’s public release.

By the way- Are you excited about the new app?

Or you would want some features that should have been incorporated in addition to the above-mentioned ones?

Whatever the case…

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