Instagram testing a feature to Change ‘Color’ in Direct Chats!

It’s not quite long when I wrote about Instagram’s ‘Gradient Direct Thread Themes’ that was being tested on the official Instagram app.

First and foremost, for those who are new on the blog, you must be wondering…

What was “Gradient Direct Thread Theme” on Instagram?

And what did it exactly do?

So basically…it was a feature in the testing pool that changed the color of the incoming messages as the user proceeded in their direct chats.

The starting messages could be in green.

While as one proceeds further, they might change to blue.

Then to Red.

And so on…

On the other hand, the messages that YOU sent were as usual in regular grey.

Although the feature didn’t roll out globally, Instagram definitely carried its inspiration which could be seen in its currently tested feature that resonates with it to a great extent in terms of functionality.

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The company is currently testing to add a ‘color’ option that would enable Instagram users to select chat colors in their Instagram Direct chats.

Spotted by Jane Manchung Wong, a reverse engineer from Hong Kong who finds unreleased features and security vulnerabilities of popular apps, the feature went super viral in news feeds of almost every tech blog.

Provided the feature rolls out, Instagram users would find it above ‘Shared Media’ in their chat details.

So users would only need to open a chat and click on “i” on the top right corner of the screen. Thereafter, clicking on ‘color’ above shared media, YOU can select the color you want in your chats.

As clear from the screenshot attached by Jane, Instagram has for now provided five different color options that users would be able to use.

They are- Candy, Citrus, Berry, Mango, and Aqua.

The feature resembles a lot in terms of look and functionality to that of ‘Messenger’ which has similar a feature that lets users select the color for messenger chats.


Until it rolls out publicly, it’s hard to say how it would exactly be.

Chances are that Instagram could let users opt-out color for each chat, or…maybe the color settings would apply to all direct chats.

No one knows!

Except for Instagram.

So let’s wait until it rolls out globally to find out how it would all be.

By the way…

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