Instagram testing Gradient Direct Threads Theme!

People judge you!

They might even quote- Don’t judge a book by its cover!

But the truth is, they still do…

We are living in a world of physical appearance, fancy lifestyle and aesthetics.

And Instagram is proof of it!

You open any model’s profile on the platform (or even a normal college guy who used wear pink cap during school times), you will notice how great of a lifestyle they are living.

The Luxury Watches, Night Parties, Sponsorships, Advertisements, Jets, and the list goes on!

And it all proves the fact humans tend to get attracted to attributes that are appealing and quite different from others.

The same applies to the tech world where these companies look for redesigning their products so as to get more attention and generate more leads.

Having said that, Instagram is no different!

Following the rollout of dark mode theme for Instagram users, Instagram is testing yet another ‘Gradient Direct Threads Theme’.

The change was first noticed by Jane Manchung Wong, a reverse engineer from Hong-Kong, who finds unreleased features of various android apps.

Instagram testing Gradient Direct Threads Theme

According to Jane Wong, although the update would not change anything in terms of functionality, it would aesthetically customize the look and feel of Instagram’s DM.

So assuming that the feature rolled out, the messages are going to display in color gradient when Instagram users initiate a direct thread with other users on the platform.

The messages that you send others are going to be in the usual grey.

While on the other hand, the received messages are going to vary in color as the chat goes along.

Instagram testing Gradient Direct Threads Theme

Hence, bringing a visual differentiation for different messages that other users send.

It is expected that Instagram would let users decide if they want this feature to be incorporated in their DM’s or not.

Moreover, due to light settings (day or night), users are assuming that Instagram would let users control the colors they want to see in their chats and which not.

Although this feature is currently under the testing pool, it would stand out Instagram in terms of user interface and appearance assuming it rolls out.

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