Customize your Instagram ‘Nametags’ for Growth in 2020

Instagram Nametag is often claimed as a stolen feature that bore a huge resemblance with Snapchat’s Snapcodes.

Scaling down the work of users to type in long usernames in the search bar, Instagram Nametags were wholeheartedly welcomed by users all around the world.

All YOU have to do is scan the ‘Nametag’ within the main app and you will be brought to a screen where YOU can either view or follow a particular profile.

That said…

Have you tried using them yet?



I completely understand your present situation as I have been in your shoes back a while.

And I bet after reading this article you would definitely want to use them.

Getting used to these updates and feature is not as easy as it looks, especially if you have a personal account.

So I thought why not shed some light on this topic and let you know more about using Instagram Nametags and how to customize them to your favour-

What are Instagram Nametags???

Instagram Nametag is a unique code assigned to a -particular user that other users can scan within the main app to view or follow a specific profile.

Voiding the typical way of typing in usernames in the search bar, Instagram Nametags were designed with the aim to take people to your profile where other Instagrammers could take one of the desired actions.

During the initial days of Instagram, it was quite tough for influencers to make people follow you just by telling them your username, especially if it was a long one.

I would say it was rather a challenge for people to spell the username correctly in the search bar.

And the situation even worsened if a username consisted of underscores, dots, abbreviations as people sometimes spelled double underscore (__) where they should have used three underscores (___). The ‘dot’ that was supposed to be after single underscore was spelled after two underscores i.e. ‘xyz__.yz’ instead of ‘xyz_.yz’.

I know it’s hard to understand all this…


So was the case during initial days!


Why Instagram rolled out Reels in India?

Instagram rolled out Reels in India

Cashing in at the right moment is what big companies are best at.

You know why?

It was just two days ago…

I woke in the morning!

And as usual, I started replying to the DMs and emails that I was notified about.

Soon after, I opened my Instagram!

And I see what?



Pin up to 3 Comments on your Instagram Post!

Would it not be even better if we could just keep away from the negativity on the platform?

Not everything is in our hands though!


We can’t control what others have to say.

However, we can definitely promote positivity so we see the less of its opposite.

And that’s what exactly Instagram’s NEW pinning comments feature facilitates us with.

Just a month ago, we wrote about how Instagram was testing to pin comments on the platform.

And now…

Instagram finally rolled it globally which enables its users to pin up to three comments on top of any of their Instagram posts.

Just select any of the comments that you like, and click on the pin icon to pin it (the first option on the top right corner of the screen).

pin up to 3 comments

What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean in Instagram DM?

Instagrammer in DM

So today…

While I was scrolling through my feeds, in what felt like that I should arrange a get together this summer with all my ex-school mates.

Clicking the DM arrow, I wasted not even a single second to send an invitation message in the group that I created years ago.

But wait!!!

I realized that many of my friends have either made a new account after school while the others deleted it.

Post-clicking the info button on the top of the group, I rushed to check the number of users who were still a part.

And I see what?



Instagram Surfaces Content because of Semi-Nudity?

Instagram surfaces semi-nudity

Do you follow ‘Instagram Comms’ on Twitter?


The post today is not to manipulate you to follow it which is an account run by their PR team.

But a tweet that this verified handle tweeted just a few weeks ago has been a trigger of excitement for many.

And also eyed upon by a number of social agencies and tech freaks.



The company tweeted the whole information in parts among which the first stated-

“There’s been a recent study that suggests we boost content specifically because it contains semi-nudity. This is not true. We surface posts based on interests, timeliness of posts, and other factors to help people discover content most relevant to them.”


Instagram testing a feature to Change ‘Color’ in Direct Chats!

It’s not quite long when I wrote about Instagram’s ‘Gradient Direct Thread Themes’ that was being tested on the official Instagram app.

First and foremost, for those who are new on the blog, you must be wondering…

What was “Gradient Direct Thread Theme” on Instagram?

And what did it exactly do?

So basically…it was a feature in the testing pool that changed the color of the incoming messages as the user proceeded in their direct chats.

The starting messages could be in green.

While as one proceeds further, they might change to blue.

Then to Red.

And so on…

On the other hand, the messages that YOU sent were as usual in regular grey.

Although the feature didn’t roll out globally, Instagram definitely carried its inspiration which could be seen in its currently tested feature that resonates with it to a great extent in terms of functionality.

Read More- Instagram testing Gradient Direct Threads Theme!

The company is currently testing to add a ‘color’ option that would enable Instagram users to select chat colors in their Instagram Direct chats.


Instagram is working on a New Camera Design!!!

Instagram's New Camera Mode

Speed is the name of this new era!

People tend to seek faster results for everything that they do in their daily life.

Be it the speed of the Internet, or even before buying a motorbike.

Users always have speed as a main attribute followed by other factors in consideration before jumping into any conclusion.

Every commercial is based on the theme of how fast its products can be.

Even Google prefers and ranks the websites which have faster loading time!

So you see…


Especially in this tech world where people don’t love to wait even for a few seconds, there has been a gradual shift of perspective while developing anything for the projected market.

And not so surprisingly…

Even apps are bounded in this perspective loop.

It is for this reason, there came ‘Lite Versions’ of all apps along with the main app which consumed farther less space as well as some built-in features that eased the complexity of existing features.

That said…

Instagram is currently testing a new camera design that would ease the navigation of various story features that maybe a cause of an issue for some.