Instagram Adds ‘New Rules’ for 2020 US Political Advertisers!

‘Instagram can potentially turn into a flashpoint with regards to cyberspace disinformation whilst in 2020 US political election’ states a source (New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights).

It is, for this reason, Facebook carries on to consistently revive its policies with respect to ‘electoral advertising campaigns’ every now and then.

Not so surprisingly, it in turn, now varies from nation to nation.

The record coming from ‘New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights’ likewise affirms the fact that the majority of the disinformation during the 2020 elections is not going to originate from other adversaries, like for example- Russia and so on.

It would be via fellow American citizens instead!



Does Instagram need a ‘Policy against Deepfakes’?

Earlier this year, a distorted footage concerning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi circulated like fire on all social platforms, wherein she seemed to be impaired.

Within a short period, the video racked up even more than 2.5 million views only on Facebook.

Hence, proving the impact pertaining to what is identified exactly as ‘Deepfakes’. … 


Instagram Spies? This is What CEO Adam Mosseri Says!

It was September 3, 2019 – While planning for our group trip to Manali on Instagram DM, we ended up chatting till 10 at night.

The chats mainly included basic conversations about the trip like ‘expenditures’, people who would join along (friends and all), and the rest necessary things.

The next day, I woke up at 6:00.

I opened my Instagram.

Everything was quite normal in the beginning, but as I scrolled down. … 


Facebook Adds its Name to Instagram and Whatsapp!

Bertie Thomson, a Facebook spokeswoman, affirmed the branding alternation in Instagram, and then on their other product- WhatsApp.

“We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” she shared with The Information.

Noting the fact that business utilizes comparable branding for several other services, the same as ‘Workplace’, their enterprise chat application.

The ‘From Facebook’ branding is likely to be noticeable within the apps, where users notice the alteration whenever they log in to the apps.

And hence comes the Instagram Rebranding!


Yeah, you read that right.



Stated by Zuckerberg, the rebranding plan is usually to enable users make additional use of the apps and improve their further online experience.

The fact aired from quite long that it disappoints FB’s CEO Zuckerberg, that the parent company does not get much credit concerning the expansion of Instagram and other own apps. … 


Instagram Viral “New Rule” Hoax extends to Celebrities!

Instagram Hoax about New Rule

Instagram Hoax about “New Rule”

An Instagram post happened to be gaining unusual momentum throughout the whole platform, especially after getting shared via quite an international stars fell for it.

Although it took the spotlight for a while.

Nonetheless, the outcome turned out to it being completely a hoax in the end.

The post claimed the fact that Instagram is going to set up a significant modification in the company’s conditions and terms. … 


Adam Mosseri on Stopping Foreign Intervention in 2020 US Elections!

Adam Mosseri

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri

During his very first American Television interview, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri informed ‘CBS’s Gayle King’ that the company network is working doggedly so as to minimize the risk of international intervention in the upcoming presidential political election.

Mosseri took charge at Instagram in October 2018.

The longtime Facebook employee Adam Mosseri joined the platform (Instagram) after Instagram’s owners (Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger) suddenly said goodbye to the company, supposedly amidst tensions with parent company Facebook. … 


Indian Techie Spots a Insta Security Bug, Rewarded $30000

Laxman Muthiyah, a Chennai-based security analyst, earned a reward of USD 30K as a participant in a bug bounty program.

Shortly after he detected a glitch inside app’s (Instagram) code, Mr Muthiyah mentioned the susceptibility in code that made it possible for him to hack pretty much any Instagram profile.

He found out that it was quite feasible to take control of anyone’s Instagram account by merely prompting a password reset, calling for a recovery code, and experiment with the likely recovery codes across the security shield.

Laxman reported the vulnerability to the Facebook security team right away; he observed the flaw.

Fb team, although was unable to reproduce it initially due to lack of information in Muthiyah’s report.

However, after a few e-mails and proof of concept video, Muthiyah convinced the FB team that the attack is feasible.


Following confirmation, Facebook and Instagram security staffs addressed the concern and also honoured him $30,000.

How Bug Compromised User Security ? 

To prove, Muthiyah explains that as soon as a person inputs his phone number, they are going to be delivered a six-digit passcode on their cellphone.

They need to type in the code so as to alter their security password.

For this reason, assuming that we manage to try out every possible one million code on verification endpoint, one is equipped with the power to alter the security password of virtually any Instagram account.

Nevertheless, Muthiyah was quite sure that there should be some rate restrictions against these kinds of brute force attacks. To that end, his evaluations did prove the existence of rate-limiting.

He sent out about a thousand requests, 250 of which passed through.

While the rest 750 requests were rate limited!

He then tried out yet another thousand request, but this time a number of them got rate limited.

Therefore, their programs are certainly legitimizing and rate-limiting the requests effectively.

Their systems are validating and rate-limiting the requests correctly.

The number of requests plus the lack in reference to blacklisting was a couple of factors that dawned on his mind.

Muthiyah was capable of sending requests constantly without getting impeded.

That too, despite the fact when the quantity of requests he sent out within a segment of the time was controlled.

Following a couple of times of constant examining, Muthiyah identified two points that enabled him to get away from their rate-limiting execution.

  • Race Hazard
  • IP rotation
Instagram Security Bug

Factors that Made it Possible!

Sending out simultaneous requests employing a number of IPs made it possible for him to send a lot of requests without any restrictions.

The amount of requests one sends usually hinges on concurrency of requests plus the total number of IPs employed.

At the same time, I recognized that the code runs out within 10 mins, which makes the attack even more challenging.

For these reasons, he said that one needs to have thousands of IPs to execute the attack.

He disclosed the vulnerability to Facebook’s security crew.

At first, the company was not able to reproduce it because of the inadequacy of details in Muthiyah’s report.

However, following a couple of e-mails and strong evidence of practical video, he was able to convince the security crew that the attack was plausible.

Nonetheless, Paul Ducklin, a Senior Technologist at cybersecurity major Sophos, cautioned users at the same time about the vulnerability spotted by Muthiyah.

He further adds that people must acquaint themselves with the procedure related to acquiring back control of their accounts, just in case user gets hacked.

“In case any of your accounts do get taken over, familiarise yourself with the process you’d follow to win them back. In particular, if there are documents or usage history that might help your case, get them ready before you get hacked, not afterwards,” Ducklin said in a statement.

This is not the first moment when Muthiyah uncovered a flaw within an app.

Earlier, he exposed a data expunging and a data disclosure bug on Facebook.

The first flaw zapped almost all photographs without knowing a user’s security password.

On the other hand, the second glitch misled users into installing an innocent-looking cell phone application that can go over all Facebook images without being granted the accessibility to the user account.

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What does “Use Not found” mean on Instagram?

User nt found on Insta

User Not Found!!!

While searching for my friend (John) on Instagram, I bumped into an Instagram’s not so common issue often termed as “User Not Found!!!”.

Was I blocked?

Anyone would have thought so.

More often than not, many people automatically link up this message to the point of getting blocked by the other user.

Although this isn’t the case every time.

This whole scenario gave rise to the inquisitiveness in me so as to figure out the key reasons why it came about.

The photographs that he used to upload were unobjectionable to the extreme.

And, all he posted were simple family photos and some sketches that he was pretty addicted to.

Extremely within Instagram’s community guidelines; there was not a sign of racism in any of his posts.


No chance!!!

Within a night an Instagram account with more than 739 followers disappeared altogether from my Instagram’s search bar.

I googled almost every single blog post that claimed to have known the reason for these occurrences.

After a lot of research and going to a lot of suggestions and forums, I came across a few reasons Instagram users notice it once in a while, and you might as well.

So without further ado, let’s get started-

5 Reasons for “User Not Found” on Instagram???

1- Username Altered- The primary factor why people notice the “User not Found” notification on anyone’s account is simply in the event when other user has altered their username. The single event when this might be the cause is when one clicks on their old username on a tagged pic; which as a result, leads them on their profile with this notification.

Granted that their username isn’t unaltered, people would notice the “user not found” message on top of their Instagram profile page.

Assuming that they put in their name in their profile section, you might have a go by browsing for their real name and see their updated username, wherein their updated username shall show up in the search results.

2- Username Mistyping-  People may perhaps spot specific usernames, that are tagged or perhaps mentioned; conversely posted inside the caption. Clicking on the penned username, you would unexpectedly find out the glitch that might preferentially strike the fact that you got blocked; nevertheless, that is not the individual predicament.

One possible reason could be the mistyping of the username. Hence, one should better inspect the spelling as well as to inquire the admin to find out if the username is typed correctly.

3- Temporarily Disabled accounts- There are fair chances that the user might have temporarily disabled their Instagram profile.

User not found

“User not found” in Temporary Disabled Account

In the aforementioned situation, people would not have the chance to view the user profile on Instagram DM, as well as on all other locations.

If such case exists, the Gram displays “username not found” when other users tap on the username.

4- Deleted Account- One would undoubtedly experience the exact glitch over and again in case the user deleted the profile.

User not found on Instagram

“User not found” when Justin Deleted his Account

Anyone would no more be in a position to view the account or even see a single post on the assumption that the profile was removed permanently.

5- Banned by Instagram- Especially after Instagram’s change in “Account Disable Policy,” there are quite a fair chances that Instagram banned the user. The notification that you might be seeing could turn out an Instagram limitation on the user, hence disabling the user profile as a result of going against the company’s conditions and terms.

User not found!

Instagram Banned!!!

A few of the Instagram accounts likewise get reported; that as a consequence, leads Instagram restricts accessibility to such accounts. In case the thing mentioned above occurs, people would be unable to reach out to the profile page unless the Instagram take away disabling after user appeal.

One could even possibly never find out the account any longer in the case that the account got entirely deleted by Instagram.


People should better examine the username inputting, or preferentially check out an additional profile in order to make sure whether the account owner blocked you or not if you face such issue.

In case the you cannot reach out to the account through other devices or profile, one of the aforementioned issues could have possibly occurred.

Read More- How to know if you are blocked? [LINK]

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Instagram Powers its Users Report False Information!



Insta users are certainly acquainted with how to report on the platform.


Belonging to one of the most sensational models concerning parent company Facebook, Instagram today has more than one billion active members.

However, it is certainly not separate from other social platforms in terms of false news.

A study carried out via New Knowledge uncovered the fact that Instagram is more than likely going to be a crucial arena regarding Russian operatives that are attempting to circulate false information (hoaxes) ever since the 2016 United States political elections provided the interaction rates on the photo-sharing app outplayed parent company Facebook.

Previously this particular year in May, Instagram was stressed with regard to the complication concerning the escalation of vaccine hoaxes at its platform, immediately soon after which, the business made a decision so as to no longer permit promotions that incorporate misinformation pertaining to vaccinations.

Thereby it shut out health-related pranks, including things like posts attempting to deter individuals from getting immunized, as well as blocking out hashtags that support misinformation regarding the protection from vaccinations.


insta report

Survey by Mozilla




Seeing the above stats, it was a high time for Gram to bring about something fresh that could encounter such false information on its platform.

Although parent company Facebook came up with countless initiatives in order to transform its network into a more genuine and trustworthy place, yet there was a gigantic vacuum between user expectations and results that were delivered.

But not anymore!

Gram recently announced a new feature that empowers its user to report false information within the app.

Facebook publicized that it is extending its Third-Party Fact-Checking Program (3PFC) in order to execute this on the photo-sharing network that it bought seven years back.

The high-tech rollout kicked off right away in the United States and should take a couple of weeks so as to reach out to all of the global Gram users.

In order to report a questionable post, users merely need to click on the three dots on the top right section of the individual Instagram post, and select “it’s inappropriate,” then “false information.”

Thereupon the posts are going to be examined by IFCN(a team of affirmed signatories to the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles) members, that are presently coordinating with 3PFC in more than 30 nations.

The eventual objective of Instagram is to develop its Artificial Intelligence, that needs to have the ability to detect false information without having the necessity to lean on human beings.

Following the recent update, reporting malicious content became easy for Gram users.

All one requires is to strike on the three vertical dots at the top right of a photograph or else video uploaded on the platform, and Insta provides them the updated choices.

Choose False Information, and you are done.

The flagged post on Instagram is going to be evaluated via the same third-party checkers, which parent company Facebook utilizes in order to inspect false information.

Instagram presently appended this feature in the testing process.

Thus, just the beta users of the network can trip the modification and experience it currently.

If rolled out worldwide, the Instagram reporting feature is going to incorporate a false information tag included in it.

Nonetheless, the post won’t be taken action right off the bat one reports it. Instagram’s approved fact-checkers are going to assess its incorruptibility, and if settled on its untruthfulness, the feed is going to be removed from hashtag search as well as Instagram explore areas of the network entirely.

The flagged content will certainly not be eliminated; however, it may be downplayed, according to Instagram representative Stephanie Otway.

P.S-However, it might remain to turn up on the feeds of folks who follow the account.

Instagram is neither going to alert the owner of the account when their content is flagged, nor when it gets downplayed.

“In Facebook, posts become popular by shares. On Instagram, people use multiple hashtags to promote their pieces of content and have them showing up on many different pages,” explained Otway. “This is where we will be working on.”

The procedure concerning fact-checking Instagram is going to be undoubtedly separate from what occurs with the Third Party Fact-Checking Program on FB.

When it comes to the updated environment, the user who reports published content is not going to be sent a word pertaining to the affirmation procedure, nor regarding the fact-checker’s outcome at the end of it.

Instagram is crystal clear regarding what it wishes to accomplish through this plan i.e., to obtain just as many signals as attainable directly from real people (fact-checkers as well as users ) as a strategy to instruct its artificial intelligence and cease to depend upon on humans when it comes to detecting misinformation.

“It allows us to proactively find and rate misinformation on Instagram without the need for a report,” Instagram said in the announcement.

“From the end of August, users will be able to let us know about content that people believe may be misinformation and help improve our ability to catch misinformation proactively. When we find misinformation on Instagram, we filter it from places where people discover new content – Explore and Hashtag pages,” says Instagram.

Considering a study via news agency Reuters, despite the fact Facebook possesses 54 fact-checking partners in 42 dialects, Instagram’s false fact-checking plan is only rolled out exclusively within the United States after the announcement, and it should take roughly two weeks to get the feature to reach everyone.

“The reporting option Gram is announcing will not lead to any changes in the fact-checking tool, but fact-checkers in the USA may see more content appearing in their Instagram-specific tabs,” says Otway.

Although “Ratings will be the same: true, false, misleading, and so on,” said she when asked about the tools and software used by Gram for this procedure in the project.

She said that in case a section of subject matter turns up on Facebook and is graded as misleading there, fact-checkers only require to strike an additional key to have it assessed on Instagram, too. Assuming that the contrary takes place- if a misleading Instagram URL comes to Facebook, it too will be recognized as such.

“I’m proud that, starting today, people can let us know if they see posts on Instagram they believe may be false,” Gram’s chief Adam Mosseri said in a tweet. “There’s still more to do to stop the spread of misinformation, more to come.

According to me, if this feature rolled out globally, it is going to scale down the level of false information that often is aired for fun or to spread hatred.

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