Instagram Limitations to Change Names within 14 Days!

While I was scrolling through my feeds yesterday, I saw many of the Instagram users changed their usernames for the current movement #blacklivesmatter that is on its peak in the United States of America.

Not one…

Or two…

Or three…

I spotted the change of names (not username) in almost 50 percent of the Instagram users who I followed.

Changing names is super easy so I am not going to show you how to do that.


There are a few things that YOU should know before changing your name on the platform.

And this is why I am writing this piece of article to let you know on the recent update that Instagram rolled out globally.

According to the latest update by the company, Instagram users could only change their names twice within 14 days.

So if YOU try to update your name and have intentions to revert to it later within 14 days, make sure you do it just once because of the limitations that the latest update came up with.

We usually notice people changing their names on the platform when they are supporting a cause or movement.


In the past, this was exploited by some wicked people and terrorists to carry out illegal activities or to run a hateful agenda towards a community, race, or political party.

The recent rollout would limit such people with ill intentions to change their names often; hence, limiting bad prospects to a great extent.

To that end, there is a positive aspect as well for users who changed their name by mistake (just once though).

Instagram would lock your name for 14 days so you could revert to it before anyone else grabs it.

However, for that, you should not have changed your name twice because if you did, you would have to wait for the next 14 days to revert to it.

Moreover, if someone else grabbed it before you could (after 14 days), it couldn’t be undone.

The feature was spotted by a reverse engineer Jane Manchung Wong from Hong Kong a while ago who finds unreleased features and security vulnerabilities of popular applications.

Here is the tweet-

Although limiting the change of name wouldn’t completely stop such wicked people to execute their ill intentions, it would definitely break the continuity of their work flow.

That said, it would also help reducing scams and misinformation that is airing all around on the platform.

Don’t you think so?

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