Instagram Story Viewers List up to 48 hours!

You already saw it!

Didn’t you?


Instagram in its recent update came up with a time extension of viewers list that almost every second Instagram user always wished for.

Be it any data analytics…

Or search trend…

Or any forum!

YOU would spot hundreds of queries of people asking how to see the story viewers list even after 24 hours.

I bet!

And like I always say…

If users want it, Instagram has got it:)

Instagram in its recent update made it possible for users to see the viewers list even after 24 hours!


The list is not permanent!

Although Instagram gave an extension of time, users would still have only 48 hours to see the viewers list.

Now just because YOU can now see the story viewers list up to 48 hours doesn’t mean that your stories also would be available after 24 hours.


Like usual…

Would vanish after 24 hours from your Instagram feed.

And since the stories would vanish after 24 hours, Instagram users would have ONLY two options to view the list thereafter.

Instagram users can either put the story as a highlight or view the list right from the story archive section.

For those who don’t know, here is how to do it-

1- Viewers list via Story Archive!

So if your story was live within 48 hours, just go to your profile section and click on the hamburger menu icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Select ‘Archive’ from the surfaced options, and then select the story that you posted (within 48 hours) to see the viewers list.

2- Viewers list via Story Highlights!

If your story is live, tap on the ‘Highlight’ option at the bottom of your screen to make it as a ‘Highlight’.

Otherwise, you may also go to archive stories and create story highlights right from there.

After you have created your highlight, YOU can then see all the viewers who saw your story(or highlight) within 48 hours.

That said, you must be wondering…

Which of the above options should YOU use?

And what’s the difference between the above two?


I won’t take much of your time and let you in on what the above two methods are suitable for.

In case if you want to see the viewers list who viewed your story ONLY while it was live, you should go for option one i.e. viewing story via story archive as people won’t be able to view your story after 24 hours and you would get the data of users who viewed it while it was live.

On the flip side, if you make your story a highlight, a user who views it even after 24 hours (via highlight section) would be added to the viewers list and the data that the list would surface would have usernames who viewed your story while it was live, and also who viewed it after 24 hours via story highlights.

I hope that makes things clear!


If you got any questions or queries, just drop them in the comments down below.

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Till then?

Stay safe.


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