4 Instagram FEATURES that may ROLL OUT next MONTH!

Instagram keeps on bringing updates so as to ease the functionality of the main app and make it even better.

It’s for the fact that users stick to apps only if it’s able to keep up with the trend and user expectations.

And if someone has been using social media for a while now it’s nothing new for them to spot a feature that started first in one app and became a crucial part of the other.

From the popular Instagram story feature that was rolled out in competition app Snapchat to implementation of IGTV that bearded quite a resemblance with that of YouTube.

Apps keep upgrading and adding the popular features of other competition apps.


So does Instagram!

It is for this reason the company is currently carrying tons of testing process of various different features some of which we would cover in this article today.

Jane Manchung Wong, a reverse engineer from Hong-Kong who finds unreleased features and security vulnerabilities in popular apps spotted many Instagram features that the company is currently testing out.

As per reverse engineer Jane Wong, Instagram is working on the “Videos over 60s” filter for video picker.

What this ‘Video over 60s’ would do is that it would help users filter out videos that are over sixty seconds from the available list of videos.

There are chances it may add further filters such as “Videos over x-y mins” etc., which would let users filter out videos up to length x-y minutes.

Another feature that got viral in many of the blog posts soon as it hit the testing phase was the ‘Add Fundraiser’ option in the edit profile section.

Provided this feature rolls out, Instagrammers would be able to add a “Fundraiser” option beside the “Follow” and “Message” button in their profile section from where other users could visit the link and donate to the cause.

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Although there are other options already available on the platform which Instagram rolled recently amid Covid-19 to help the community, an extra option is always a thumbs up.

“Shop Link in Instagram Stories” is one more feature that could roll out globally in the coming months.

As per now Instagrammers (with over 10k followers) can share a link of a web page or IGTV video in their stories (via Swipe Up feature).


Following this feature goes live, Instagrammers would be able to add links of their Instagram Shop which would take their followers to the shop the link of which they shared in their stories.

Additionally, there could be an extra option for branded content named as “Mark as Paid Content” for IGTV creators with “Instagram internal partnerships”.

Initially, there was only one option as “Paid partnership with” using which the partner you tagged was able to see the metrics of the post beside users knowing the fact that the post was sponsored.

However, post-release of this new feature, users would see labels such as “Paid Content” or so.

The complete functionality of this feature is yet to be known as it is still in the testing phase.

However, we will update you as soon as it goes live.

With so many ongoing testing, Instagram cleared its intent of always improving and caring about user comfort.

The features all above although are in the testing phase, seeing the recent frequency of Instagram updates it is expected that they may roll out real soon.

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