4 ways to View a Profile Picture on Instagram in Full Size (+Updated)

Hello everyone out there,

With the increase in the number of accounts on the platform, there also came many unexpected outcomes that resulted in wide shift from public to private Instagram profiles.

Now if you have been on the platform for a while, you must have gauged what I meant by my last statement.

Isn’t it?

However, today’s article won’t cover any such security issue rather it’s kind of a must-read info for every Instagram user using the platform.

Although related indirectly with what I mentioned above, we would also uncover the biggest myth that many people have.


Do you know what I am referring to?


You got me right!!!

It’s the profile picture that not many of us worry about.


Instagram Changes Search Suggestions (+BREAKING!!!)


Goes to the search bar.







Not anymore!

Instagram rolled out new modifications in its search section that would eliminate scenarios as such.

The platform is leaving no stone unturned to live up to its statement i.e. “Bringing you closer to the people and things you love.”

As more and more users are joining the platform’s bandwagon, making it easier for everyone to find things they love is all on the company’s part.


It is for this reason…

The updated Instagram app would show different suggestions as soon as you tap on the search bar to search for something.


Instagram giving Ad Credits to New Creators!

Knock knock!

You received a $30 credit from Instagram!

Claim your INR 300.00 ad credit!

Or something else!

Whatsoever the line or price it may be, it seems like these pop-ups are now on top of the company’s head as not just one or two, but a whole lot of new creators are receiving one of such notifications.

Read that again…

I mentioned…

NEW CREATORS!!! (not old ones.)


How to Use the ‘Collab’ feature on Instagram!

How to Use the 'Collab' feature on Instagram

Do you love collaborations?


Who doesn’t???

Collaborations have not only gained popularity among the brands who want an endorsement from influencers but rather is being massively used by new creators to get more reach on the platform.

Gone are the days when we only encountered celebrities collaborating with brands and businesses.

It’s 2021 guys!

To get the ball rolling, collaborations become a must.

Even giant companies are smelling this uptrend that seems to take over almost any other growth aspect.

And it seems the reason why Instagram rolled out its recent feature!

Don’t know what it is?

It’s the ‘Collab’ feature that allows a Instagram user to collaborate with another user on Feed posts and Instagram Reels.

The feature although is currently available only in India and UK as of now; however, global users could have it pretty soon if the feedback from users turned out positive.


Biggest Mistake that Rookies Make on Instagram!

Disclaimer- This article targets creators suffering from celebrity syndrome and how it impacts their growth. Any statement that I would make down in the article is all in general and ONLY to uncover the mistakes that rookies make. The article has no objective of character criticism about any specific someone.


How long have you been on the platform?

6 months?

2 years?

or more…

Do you own a business page?


If the answer is yes, then you must go ahead and read this entire article.

Because if you are making this humongous mistake, it’s already game over!

Do you know what it is?


You got me right!

It’s the celebrity syndrome that numerous rookie creators are suffering from.

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘not paying attention to your followers.’

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘not responding to comment.’

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘ignoring the DMs.’

And the list goes on…

By the way…

Do you know why I am saying so?


How to Avoid Phishing on Instagram Ft. Lucashyland!

Log in to confirm it’s you!

We noticed suspicious activity in your account.

There was a login from a new device!!!

And so on…

It’s nothing new, right?

I bet you would have surely noticed such messages in your email inbox at some point in time.

And it becomes more obvious to see it when your name is Lucas.

For those who don’t that who that is…

Lucas is one of the best content creators on Instagram who helps businesses grow and sell products and services. He is hands-down an amazing creator with great knowledge which could be clearly seen once you visit his profile.

All real, and authentic!


Safety Measures After Instagram’s Video Selfie Verification!

Note- If you are facing error while verifying via Video Selfie, read this article first (LINK BELOW)!

So basically…

You have been doing a lot of follow/unfollow, right?

Or maybe you just used any third-party app that claimed to give you thousands of followers?

Or was it any site where you submitted your credentials to?

Oh my god!

Don’t tell me you fell trap for some badly programmed bot like FollowingLike, did you?


Whatever the case may be…

The matter of the fact is…

It couldn’t be undone!

And if you have been flagged by Instagram for some unsuspicious activity, or faced verification via a video selfie, it’s high time you should get serious!


Understand it like this…

Assume there are three zones where Instagram keeps the records of all its accounts i.e. green, orange, and red.


Byond Extenion for Instagram Review- Legit, or Scam?

Posting on Instagram right from your PC is the topmost NEED of every second desktop user who likes to use the platform on a bigger screen.

And it is for this reason, just a few days back, Instagram rolled out this feature that brought a wave of happiness among all desktop users.

But wait…

It was not as good as it seems!

Reason- The rollout was merely for some of the selective Instagram accounts.

As a result…

Not many users enjoyed this partial update.

During the initial days, I heard it ONLY from my colleagues that they don’t see the feature available.


Yesterday when one of my users commented on that post that he also doesn’t see it yet, it became my responsibility to cover this issue in today’s article.

After all…

I do this all for YOU.

This is your blog!

And if something doesn’t work for you, it’s my responsibility to give you a good alternative.

So today…

We would talk about an extension named ‘Byond’ that was rolled out to solve this problem and make the Instagram experience on desktop top-notch.


LikeBoost Extension Review- Legit, or Scam?

It was just the same day of the previous month (July 2nd) when one of my friends told me about this extension that he praised to the sky.

And I don’t know why…

But when someone claims something beyond the level, it knocks my ego to test it.

I had to write about it.

I just had to, my friend.

As soon as he left my home, I instantly wrote the heading of this article and was quite sure I would mention it if was even 50% of what he claimed.

Saved the file with the heading.

Then right away went to chrome and downloaded the extension.

The thing that happened next was something that I didn’t face earlier!

Do you know what it was?


It was not because I was proved wrong, neither it was because my ego was hurt.

But I seriously felt bad because I underestimated its functionality based on my past experiences where extensions like such were merely a scam.

By the way, let me make things clear before you make any false assumptions about me.

Like you and all other users, I also used to trust these when I started on the platform.

But as soon as I spent more time, hardly two to three of them worked fine as they claimed on the scale of hundred if I have to mention.

Now that doesn’t mean that everything I downloaded was a waste, but most of them were merely a scam.

While a few of them secretly used the user’s account to follow other accounts, many who claimed ‘free forever’ asked for money just after using them for a couple of hours.

So that all made me quite skeptical of these extensions and the claims they make.

LikeBoost isn’t like this for sure!

The extension becomes a must if you are one of those users who wants free likes on their Instagram posts.

And the best part, the extension is free and doesn’t require you to do anything.

Yeah, it is indeed FREE!

I can assure you of this for sure:)

Confused about how the extension functions?

Here’s how-

After you download the extension on your PC, the extension activates on its own and works in the background.

Users only need to keep their browser opened and the extension gives them 5 free credits every hour where 1 credit is equal to 1 like on the platform.


I need your help!!!

If you have been a frequent reader of our blog, you would have noticed that we mostly cover the news about the features and changes that are taking place on the platform.

But you know what?

‘IT’S OVER’ guys!

I am not going to do it anymore:(

Hey, please wait!!!