4 ways to View a Profile Picture on Instagram in Full Size (+Updated)

Hello everyone out there,

With the increase in the number of accounts on the platform, there also came many unexpected outcomes that resulted in wide shift from public to private Instagram profiles.

Now if you have been on the platform for a while, you must have gauged what I meant by my last statement.

Isn’t it?

However, today’s article won’t cover any such security issue rather it’s kind of a must-read info for every Instagram user using the platform.

Although related indirectly with what I mentioned above, we would also uncover the biggest myth that many people have.


Do you know what I am referring to?


You got me right!!!

It’s the profile picture that not many of us worry about.

You may wonder…

Why am I saying so?

Let me explain…

One of my close friends was getting bullied by some mind-freak who used her pictures inappropriately on a meme page without her consent.

Although her profile was private, the number of tools the Internet provides today has its evil sides too.

And that’s what happened with her as well.

She has decent pictures in her feed, but due to her inappropriate knowledge that profile pictures are the mini versions of a photograph that cannot be viewed as a whole, she posted something a little bit offbeat.

I won’t tell the whole scenario here, neither the name, but I hope you understand what I am referring to.

So just because Instagram doesn’t allow you to view any picture in full size, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways to do it.

There are tons of websites…


And many short tricks!

And that’s what happened with her too.

The profile picture was messed using such resources.

Fortunately using some connections as well as mass reporting on the platform everything was brought under control; however, not everyone is that lucky to be frank.

The internet is filled with such stuff and there are number of mind freaks out there always eyeing to do something mischievous.

So it’s always better to know it all rather than just making assumptions.

Now I am not scaring you!

Neither do I recommend you not to post.

You can do whatever you like.

It’s your profile!


It’s just that I wanted to make sure that you guys be aware that maximizing the profiles pictures is always possible.

So be aware if you post something controversial in your DP thinking it couldn’t be maximized as people might misuse it.

And I want you be safe!

So it’s my responsibility to tell you all this.

Now that being said…

I would now JUST FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE show you different ways you can view anyone’s profile picture in full size.

Here we go-

1- INFLACT (Recommended)

Just go to inflact.com, and type in the username the profile picture of which you want to see.

The site right away shows the profile picture along with a ‘download image’ option from where you can download it.

Inflact is my personal favorite because not only is it easy to use, but the picture quality that it delivers is better than all other sites out there.


Visit (LINK BELOW)https://www.instadp.com/instagram-tools/profile-picture-downloader

And then spot the search bar, and type in the username you want to view, and download the profile picture of.

Click on continue!

Then click on the ‘Full Size’ option.

Now the DP would be shown in full size with a download option from where you can proceed further to download it.


Go to (LINK BELOW)– https://www.instafollowers.co/instagram-profile-picture-size

And type in the username that you view the profile picture of.

The site although a bit slow, shows you the display picture along with the download option which you can use as per your choice.

The slow processing could be due to high traffic, or maybe the site wants users to stay longer on the page, but it works all the time!

So you can give it a try if you want:)


The website although currently doesn’t rank for the term, but it worked for me a like a charm.

Moreover, it’s so easy that even a kid could do it.

Just visit (LINK BELOW) the URL- https://www.save-insta.com/profile-downloader/

And type in the username which you want to view the profile picture of.

Click on ‘View’, and that’s it!

You have the picture!

You can either view it or download it using the given options.

Note- There are hundreds of sites ranking for the key term that claim to show you the picture in full size, but most of them are merely a scam. The above four are a few trustworthy sites that worked for me all the time! And I think they are easy to use as well.

Also, there exist several apps that let you download the profile pictures of any profile, but I deliberately didn’t mention them here as the above options work quite well. Moreover, I believe why to waste your mobile space and data just for a single-use case when you can do it online.

Nonetheless, please let me know in the comments down below about your views and suggestions.

And also share this article if you liked it!

Till then?

See you next time!



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