How to Use the ‘Collab’ feature on Instagram!

How to Use the 'Collab' feature on Instagram

Do you love collaborations?


Who doesn’t???

Collaborations have not only gained popularity among the brands who want an endorsement from influencers but rather is being massively used by new creators to get more reach on the platform.

Gone are the days when we only encountered celebrities collaborating with brands and businesses.

It’s 2021 guys!

To get the ball rolling, collaborations become a must.

Even giant companies are smelling this uptrend that seems to take over almost any other growth aspect.

And it seems the reason why Instagram rolled out its recent feature!

Don’t know what it is?

It’s the ‘Collab’ feature that allows a Instagram user to collaborate with another user on Feed posts and Instagram Reels.

The feature although is currently available only in India and UK as of now; however, global users could have it pretty soon if the feedback from users turned out positive.

Also Instagram didn’t make any official statement about any global rollout, so it’s all in the air until the company decides to do so.

By the way…

Do you know how it works?


Here is it-

With the ‘Collab’ feature on Instagram, YOU would be able to invite another user on the platform to collaborate on your posts or reels.

Once the other user accepts the invitation, the ‘Collab’ content would feature on both Instagram accounts simultaneously.

In simple words…

Users would see the same post on both of your accounts.

Which means…

Your audience would see the post that the other user contributed in.


Their followers see your name on top as a contributor to the post.

As a result…

More reach!

More followers!

More likes!

More saves!

And course, more chances to get on the explore feed.

The feature was mainly rolled out just to increase your engagement on the platform.

And with the ease you get the exposure on the platform, this feature becomes a must-try.


How to use the ‘Collab’ feature for Posts and Reels?

1- Just open your Instagram app, and select the Reel, Video, or Picture that you want to post.

2- Customize as per your personal preferences, and then proceed further.

3- Find the ‘Tag People’ option and then click on it. You will see a newly added section named ‘Invite Collaborator’ along with ‘Add Tag’.

4- Click on ‘Invite Collaborator’ and ‘search for the user’ with who you want to collaborate using the surfaced search option.

5- Select the user, and click on the tick on the top right corner of the screen, and proceed as usual to post it on your feed.

6- Instagram sends an invitation to other account and your post gets available on both of your feeds as soon as they accept it.

That’s it!

Note- As the post is a collaboration, the other person as well has the full authority of the content and features. He/She could delete comments on the collaborated post and use the all features that one has in their posts.


There exists an option named ‘stop sharing’ which removes the post and the name of the other contributor instantly from the feed if they opt to do so.


That’s all for today!

Time to sign off!

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See you next time!


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