Safety Measures After Instagram’s Video Selfie Verification!

Note- If you are facing error while verifying via Video Selfie, read this article first (LINK BELOW)!

So basically…

You have been doing a lot of follow/unfollow, right?

Or maybe you just used any third-party app that claimed to give you thousands of followers?

Or was it any site where you submitted your credentials to?

Oh my god!

Don’t tell me you fell trap for some badly programmed bot like FollowingLike, did you?


Whatever the case may be…

The matter of the fact is…

It couldn’t be undone!

And if you have been flagged by Instagram for some unsuspicious activity, or faced verification via a video selfie, it’s high time you should get serious!


Understand it like this…

Assume there are three zones where Instagram keeps the records of all its accounts i.e. green, orange, and red.

Green Zone is the place where all the normal records are placed. If an account doesn’t do anything suspicious or keeps away from using any third-party app, the green zone is the place where it’s kept.

However, let’s say the account starts using follow/unfollow, or bumps into some badly programmed tool like FollowingLike, and uses it.

My friend…

You have opened the doors of the orange zone.

Any suspicious activity after this stage right away alarms the algorithm and puts your account in the orange zone.

All in you are.

As soon as you enter this zone, Instagram first asks you to verify if you are human via email or phone number.

Users, or even bots can pass this block easily by verifying via email, and fake cell phone numbers (it’s the same as learning ABC).

However, if the account keeps on doing what it was flagged for, Instagram would then checks you to verify via video selfie.

And as of now, there isn’t any technology that can bypass this test, so only real users pass this block if it was asked from the Instagram side.

Now the main point…

If you have already been in the orange zone and faced such verifications, it’s time to stop all the activity that you do with your account.

Do you know why?

Because even a slight push in the same direction would put you in the red zone and your account would be permanently disabled.

No coming back!

Red Zone is the place where all the accounts are permanently disabled.

All finish!

Say goodbye to your account:(


Moreover, if someone claims that they would get you your disabled account back, it’s all fake.

Mark my words, if it’s in the red zone, you would never get it back.


The question now is…

How to safeguard your account after you have faced such verifications?

My Answer- Stop for a week!


Give your account some peace!

Just let it be!

Remove the logs from every site where you entered your account.

And just for a week, use Instagram like a 5-year-old kid.

Open your Instagram account, and do only a few likes on your favorite posts, or spend some time watching a few stories.

And that’s it!

Also, don’t DM more than 10 people per day for a week if you have faced such blocks before.

After a week gets over, use the account like ‘A NORMAL USER’.

Wondering why I highlighted the phrase ‘NORMAL USER’?

There is a reason…

I did it because if you keep using third-party applications, or decide to keep using some bot that is already banned by Instagram, you would face a permanent lockdown.

Your account would be gone forever.

And you would have to start right again from 0.


In case if you have bought any subscription…

Trust me…

I know the pain when one buys any subscription and couldn’t use it for some reason.

It hurts, of course.

But that doesn’t mean you hurt your account by keep using that tool, or app.


Please stop looking for shortcuts, rather try stepping towards building a brand with real user base and authenticity.

Believe me…

It will be worth it in the end.

That said…

As this blog is about you doing better on the platform, I would surely want to know your input as well.

To reach out, use my LinkedIn to personally inbox me, or…

Let me know about it in the comments down below!

I would be waiting!

Also, share this article if you liked it!

Till then?

See you next time!


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