Instagram will soon Enable Users to Hide Story from Specific Someone!

Instagram will soon Enable Users to Hide Story from Specific Someone!

Have you ever wanted few particulars not to watch your stories while also wanting to post it?

I mean…

It happens with me all the time.

And I am sure with you all as well!

There always exists an unspecial someone (the irritating one) who has something to say and bug your life at ease.

I face such issues…

Rebecca faces it!

And trust me, the day is not far when YOU would notice it as well (if not till now).

Fortunately, if you got it (THE PROBLEM), Instagram has it (THE SOLUTION)!!!

Instagram is currently testing a feature that would enable users to hide specific stories from a specific user.

This feature was first spotted by Jane Manchung Wong, a reverse engineer from Hong Kong who reveals the unreleased features and vulnerabilities of popular apps.

The feature would be more handy when YOU have to hide a story from specific-someone.

That said, if YOU have a story that YOU want to share with a small group of people, YOU would better off using the close friend list feature rather than hiding it one by one.

In case if don’t know how to use close friends list feature-

Additionally, you can use the story controls from the settings option of Instagram stories if you want to hide story from a group of users.

The feature although in the testing phase would be super useful if users want to hide story from just one person.

There are currently no confirmations when the feature would roll out; however, it should be live within a month or two if the results of public testing surfaced positive.

Interesting, right?

Would it not be even better if users had this option in posts too?

Let me know about your views in the comments down below.

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Till then?

See you next time!




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