Instagram Spies? This is What CEO Adam Mosseri Says!

It was September 3, 2019 – While planning for our group trip to Manali on Instagram DM, we ended up chatting till 10 at night.

The chats mainly included basic conversations about the trip like ‘expenditures’, people who would join along (friends and all), and the rest necessary things.

The next day, I woke up at 6:00.

I opened my Instagram.

Everything was quite normal in the beginning, but as I scrolled down.

A few queries triggered to surface on my mind.

So it goes something like this…

1- I see “The Rock’s” post on the top.

2- Liked!

3- Scrolled down!



Surprisingly, Instagram showed an ad about “Tourist Destinations”.

FYI- I never follow such “Tourist” and “Travel” pages.

                                            Why did I see such Ad?

                                            Was Instagram spying?

                                            Or it was just a coincidence?

As outlined by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, the Insta app never spies on personal chats as an element of its advertising and marketing process.

Mosseri shared this all within a Television Interview with Gayle King of CBS News that aired in June this year on their network.

The Instagram chief turned down King’s statements that the business (Instagram App) serves advertisements based upon monitoring the user’s personal data. 

Adam Mosseri on User Privacy!

“We don’t look at your messages. We don’t listen in on your microphone. Doing so would be super-problematic for a number of reasons,” he said in the interview.

As a counter to Mosseri’s statement, King called BS on his face and said, “I don’t believe you. I don’t know why this happens repeatedly.”

She additionally asked if perhaps the similar comes about on the app with him (Adam Mosseri).

Instagram CEO paused for a point in time, and then proclaimed, “I’m sure it’s happened. I can’t think of a good example, though”.

He further adds, “I get good ads. I like my ads.”

Consequently, Mosseri even asked Gayle King to follow him on the platform. 


By doing this, the next time when Instagram serves an advertisement influenced by everything that she believes the firm was snooping, “You can DM me, light me up over it, and I’ll try to find out exactly what happened,” said he.

During the course of the entire interview, Mosseri acknowledged the fact that he’s bombarded with questions like this on a regular basis by Instagram users, who likewise King, believe that they receive ads coming from restaurants, outlets, and various companies merely after they only conduct a private chat regarding something, let alone the fact of posting it publicly on the platform.

Just like the parent company Facebook, Instagram too is a social media site intended for posting amazing photos and video clips.

The app even incorporated a personal messaging program so users can chat with each other, in addition to posting things with followers.

Now there is delusion amid users that the Fb owned company, Instagram, also spies on users to collect ad-targeting data. which was one of the possible reasons to bring about recent changes and add its name to Instagram and Facebook

The presumption came a year after when Fb encountered a massive knockdown with respect to user confidence after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, which was one of the possible reasons to bring about recent changes, and add its name to Instagram and Facebook,

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During the aforementioned scandal, it was uncovered that the social media giant, Facebook, permitted to be the third-party service to gather user info with no prior user authorizations.

The data, in fact, was then utilized to aim at U.S. voters in the 2016 political election.

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Mosseri explains that there were two ways that Insta users could have this kind of encounter on the platform.

The first is that it was completely a “dumb luck” or maybe it could have happened in the event when users happen to be talking about something a lot more in general.

“You saw a restaurant on Facebook or Instagram and you really like the thing. It’s top of mind, maybe it’s subconscious and then it bubbles up later,” Mosseri said. “I think this kind of thing happens often in a way that’s really subtle.”


Although Adam Mosseri’s statement cleared the delusion of app users that the app doesn’t spy on its users, many individuals would pretty much agree with King too.

It is something that has happened not just once, but many times.

Including me!

Search for someone related to “blogging”.

You will see an ad of hosting service the next day.

Follow any motivational speaker, and like all his posts.

Sooner you are going to be served dozens of ads via other motivational speakers.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but it poses a question if we are being spied.

Lemme know in the comments section below if you happened to face something like this in the past.

Till then?

See you next time!





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