Ideal Instagram Stories Dimension and Size Ratio for Growth in 2019

Instagram keeps on transforming the social media world by its graphics sharing functionalities, that without a doubt are overtaking other social media platforms.

A significant part of this social media platform has been IG stories that have scaled up user’s functionality and powered him to interact more.

Using Instagram stories, you can nowadays easily update your fans about what you’re up to at any specific point in time. You can upload stories in the format of a quick video clip, or a vertical snapshot, that remains in your feed for the next twenty-four hours.

IG stories can easily be monitored directly from the app wherein you can check who checked out your story. You may also add that story as a highlight to your Instagram account that remains forever until you remove it.

IG stories have indeed ended up being a fantastic web marketing prospect in case one has their services to promote; therefore, you should try making the most of them to increase your user engagements rates or promote your products.

According to the recent statistics, about 500 million stories are shared monthly by Instagram users.

Nonetheless, besides the upsurge of users using Instagram Stories, it has undoubtedly gotten more challenging to catch the eyes and seize people interest. To accomplish this, one needs to ascertain that their stories are effectively exhibited, and are not blurred or cropped.

Usually in mobile phones, photos display perfectly on an Instagram story; however, it certainly not holds true in every single case.

If you produce highly effective and genuinely stimulating Instagram stories, one needs to utilize innovative and intriguing content that includes choosing the perfect Instagram story dimensions as well.

In case anyone uploads a picture or video via camera roll that does not fit in these specified Instagram Story dimensions, the post gets trimmed by Instagram, plus a few of your graphics are lost. Preferentially, Instagram is going to zoom in on your post, leading to a bad quality image or video.

Takeaway- “Any kind of stories that you share will be compelled to stick to the Instagram’s specified Story dimensions.”

Producing web content utilizing the specified Instagram story dimensions, you can rest assured about maintaining professional images with premium quality.


Instagram is extremely particular regarding the dimensions of your Instagram stories. So, when you upload a picture to your Instagram story which does not fit in the necessitated sizes, Instagram is going to trim the photo, and in some instances zoom into your photo/video.

Doing this will most likely result in for a decrease in the quality of images/videos, and sometimes impressive graphics being chopped out.

So you might be wondering, what are the ideal story dimensions then?

The best Instagram Story dimension for high-def premium visuals is 1080px by 1920px i.e 9:16 ratio.Instagram story dimensions

Nonetheless, doing this isn’t a great thing all the time.


High-resolution photos and video clips are actually saved as large files since they have extra pixels. They occupy a considerable amount of storage area in your phone; furthermore, these files take much longer time to upload than lower-definition file. Despite the fact that shifting to 1080p is going to generate the best quality picture/video, yet in case a video is taking a long period to buffer, it’s usually more convenient to drop down to 720p. That (720p) is still contemplated as high-def, however with fewer pixels to stress over; the video is going to load much faster.

The exact holds true if it pertains any video be it on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Bottom Line- Regardless of whether you alter the number of pixels displayed, the frame of the video does not change due to the fact that each one of the settings utilizes the exact aspect ratio.

Take note; the Instagram Story dimensions aspect ratio is 9:16.

Employing this ratio, people can easily figure out which scaled-down Instagram Story dimensions can additionally do the job:

1: 1080px by 1920px: The most effective resolution readily available (aspect ratio= 9:16).

2: 720px by 1280px: Although HD, yet with a lot faster upload times (aspect ratio= 9:16).

3: 450px by 800px: Not so great picture quality, nevertheless a lot quicker upload times (aspect ratio= 9:16).

Fewer the pixels, lower the quality.

So in case anyone intends to stay away from huge files and slow upload speeds, you can make content operating in all of these dimensions, and it will still fit in the Instagram Story proportions.


Instagram stories can be regarded as an additional function that can help users build their following. It is a tool that one can utilize to include call-to-action by merely incorporating a link to your IG stories and drive followers to a specified site (Check Garyvee’s IG stories if you want an inspiration).

Generating an Instagram story may not require a great deal, however producing an appealing story that intrigues followers can take a bit extra endeavor. Include solid graphics and illustration to let your brand be genuinely distinct and generate additional business recognition.

You are going to have a large extent of growth using Instagram stories if you keep them innovative and distinct, make sure you use the ideal dimensions i.e. 1080 x 1920px to ensure that you obtain the absolute best quality IG stories.

By the way, which brand’s or influencer’s IG stories inspire you the most?

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