Instagram’s New Feature Flagging False Information!!!

Instagram feature Flagging false information

Instagram’s New Feature Flagging False Information!!!

Are you sick of seeing False Information?

So am I!

Instagram has turned to more of a place to run your propaganda online and spread fake news for some people.

The record coming from “New York University’s Stern Center for Business and Human Rights affirms a fact that the majority of the disinformation during the 2020 elections is not going to originate from other adversaries, like for example- Russia and so on.

It further mentions it would be rather via fellow Americans!

Even though Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (parent company of Instagram) were given much more interest up to date.

The research claimed that Instagram is going to be positioned to play an important part in airing 2020 disinformation campaigns.

Moreover, the exceedingly misuse of Instagram during the 2016 US election campaigns is not something that could not be ignored for the fact.

It is for this reason, this Monday on October 21, Facebook publicized in a press release on the subject of “Helping to protect the 2020 US elections” so as to curb the spread of misinformation on its platform.

Facebook stated that the company would soon be rolling out a whole new element feature on Instagram as well as on Facebook. …