How to add a story from an Instagram post?

There are millions of Instagram pages and influencers on Insta that are worth following, be it ‘Jay Shetty’, ‘The Good Quote’ or ‘9gags’.

Yesterday, while I was scrolling through my feeds, I saw a post that was worth sharing. This is an undeniable fact that no one wants to share every post on their posts feed as it blurs their personal image and your account looks more like a fan page.

It was a common denominator among all the Instagram users lead to the birth of a new Instagram feature that powered its users to be able to share a post as their story.

It is for this reason, people often share these types of posts in their stories that remain in the feeds just for 24 hours, moreover, your share serves the intended purpose and it can be is seen by all your followers (if they open your story, of course).

Back in 2016, when one saw a post they liked, they screenshot the picture and posted it in their stories. Some even used apps like Instasave etc. to save the Instagram picture and then reposted that in their stories or posts.

Fortunately, Instagram came with a new feature in 2018 that extended the user control over an Instagram post. The update received major positive feedback from the Instagram world as it reduced the burden on the ram of their phone and they didn’t need to keep extra apps.

Do you know how to do that?

If not, here are the-

Steps to add an Instagram post to your story

  • Open your Instagram app and select the post you want to add to your story.
  • Click on the arrow button beside the ‘like’ and comment’ option.
  • It will open up a screen with the option to direct message this post. Select the contacts if you want to send the post to specific people.

P.S: The receiver will not see the post if the account is private and they don’t follow it. Although they can view it after they follow the account.

  • Click ‘Add post to your story’, and enhance the story with the given features if you want.
  • And you are done! The post is now live on your story feed for the next 24 hours and your followers can see and comment on it (if it is not turned off by you).

How to add a post in your story if the account is private?

Well,… unfortunately, this update doesn’t work on private accounts and you have to go the old school way to do it.

I know… I know, it’s quite frustrating but that’s the only way to do it.

I hope you know how that works, isn’t it?

In case if you don’t, you will need to download an app for saving the post in your phone gallery- ‘Instasave’ if I have to give you an option (although this app has many ads).

After it gets saved, you can easily surf it from your phone gallery and add that picture to your story.

Another way could be directly asking the user who posted that post in their feeds. The upside of doing this is that it reduces the burden of downloading any app and you can directly have the picture in your gallery and post it later. Of course, this wouldn’t work if they are one of the popular private pages with 500k followers.

You will need to screenshot and post then, because they will never reply.


However, you may hope someday Instagram gets this feature to share the post of private profiles on our story feeds. Until then, the users have to go the old school way to add them to their stories.

How long should users wait for this?

Answer- As long as the profiles are private, which means- Always.

Profiles are private for a reason as the user doesn’t want other users to control their data and posts, and Instagram is very careful about their user’s privacy so they will never add a feature that breaches the privacy of a user.

Hopefully, this article brought a little value and you found it helpful. If you did, please share and lemme know about your views in the comment section below.

Till then?

See you next time!




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