What is Stories Down? Legit, or Not?

A few days ago while I was surfing through the web, I somehow bumped into an unexpected question on quora which was something like…


“How do I view someone’s Instagram profile anonymously without knowing them?”

It struck me back then to write a piece of content related to the topic as it was not just a question from a single guy rather many feel the same.

And if you have faced such an issue before (after deleting your account, or maybe to view someone’s story anonymously), you must be quite familiar with the number of scam sites that run for the cause without even delivering the results.

Isn’t it?

So I just went through many of the sites that rank for different terms and found out this website that claimed to show you someone’s profile without knowing them.

And I am going to be extremely unbiased with my review as neither it’s a paid one nor do I endorse something which I have not used.

First thing first…

For those who don’t about the site, ‘Stories Down’ is a website that claims to show you all the stories and posts that a user posted on the platform without actually letting them know.


How far is this true?

My opinion- Stories Down is a legit website. By ‘legit’, I mean, it serves the purpose of what it claims about i.e. to let you view someone’s Instagram stories and posts without letting them know.

Query- Can I download the Instagram stories with ‘Stories Down’?

Answer- Yes, 100%! You can not only download Instagram stories but also can view and download any user’s posts too.

Query- Can I view private stories too?

Answer- No! Unfortunately, Stories Down doesn’t work this way. It only shows you the stories and profiles of public accounts without you needing to log in. I would say, it is more of an interface that acts as a source to view Instagram public profiles.

Query- Is Stories Down safe to use?

Answer- Since it only shows you the public profiles that could be seen by anyone who logs in, I don’t see any security issues until it changes the way it functions now. It’s all up to you where you want to use it or not.


That’s it for today!

Let me know in the comments down below where you already knew about it or not.

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Till then?

See you next time:)



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