Instagram Testing ‘Deleting Everywhere’ Stories Feature!!!

Instagram testing stories Delete everywhere on all Facebook platfrom

Users can now delete stories on Instagram and Facebook in one click.

Instagram Story is something that has prevailed throughout the platform right from the day it was rolled out.

Although, launched in competition to the rival app Snapchat, the spike in graph of users on the Instagram platform following the rollout of Instagram stories is ridiculously unbelievable.

As of recent stats, more than 500 million stories are shared on the platform; which proves of the efficacy of the stories feature on the Instagram platform.

I mean…

It’s 2019!

And, everyone shares stories nowadays!

From a girl in Cape Town, to the clothing store in California.

You just name it!

There are chances that you might not find many posts on a user’s profile, but the number of stories users share are always higher. …