How to Use the ‘Collab’ feature on Instagram!

How to Use the 'Collab' feature on Instagram

Do you love collaborations?


Who doesn’t???

Collaborations have not only gained popularity among the brands who want an endorsement from influencers but rather is being massively used by new creators to get more reach on the platform.

Gone are the days when we only encountered celebrities collaborating with brands and businesses.

It’s 2021 guys!

To get the ball rolling, collaborations become a must.

Even giant companies are smelling this uptrend that seems to take over almost any other growth aspect.

And it seems the reason why Instagram rolled out its recent feature!

Don’t know what it is?

It’s the ‘Collab’ feature that allows a Instagram user to collaborate with another user on Feed posts and Instagram Reels.

The feature although is currently available only in India and UK as of now; however, global users could have it pretty soon if the feedback from users turned out positive.