How to Add Pronouns in your Instagram Profile?

A perfect bio acts as a steroid that helps creator convert their profile visitors to loyal fans.

And ultimately…

Paying clients!


Bio optimization is 100% real and required.

No matter where you start, Instagram’s bio optimization comes first if you are serious about taking it to a long run.

And if you have optimized your profile, either by yourself or by hiring some professional, the number one issue that turns up in optimizing the bio part is the limit of characters that Instagram has put.

150 characters.


That is it!

Not even a single more.

Although for some people 150 characters is fair enough for the bio part, few users (like me) often greed for just a few more that they wish they could add.

And as I always say, if you got it (the problem), Instagram has it (the solution).

Just two days back, Instagram rolled out a feature that now let users add pronoun to their Instagram profiles.