Biggest Mistake that Rookies Make on Instagram!

Disclaimer- This article targets creators suffering from celebrity syndrome and how it impacts their growth. Any statement that I would make down in the article is all in general and ONLY to uncover the mistakes that rookies make. The article has no objective of character criticism about any specific someone.


How long have you been on the platform?

6 months?

2 years?

or more…

Do you own a business page?


If the answer is yes, then you must go ahead and read this entire article.

Because if you are making this humongous mistake, it’s already game over!

Do you know what it is?


You got me right!

It’s the celebrity syndrome that numerous rookie creators are suffering from.

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘not paying attention to your followers.’

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘not responding to comment.’

Celebrity Syndrome= ‘ignoring the DMs.’

And the list goes on…

By the way…

Do you know why I am saying so?