How to Share ’60-Second Reels’ on Instagram?

Dominating the competition has been the priority to social platforms no matter how hard it takes to make it happen.

It was just in January this year when the platform’s CEO, Adam Mosseri acknowledged the fact that competition app TikTok is doing better than their short-clip feature called Reels that the company rolled out in 2020.


Just recently TikTok again made some changes and improved their existing feature by enabling its creators make videos up to 3 minutes long.

The extension was provided so users could expand their creativity and share better content as the longer time limit are more preferable for storytelling, cooking videos, etc.

Now coming back to Instagram…

The time when reels kicked off, Instagram limited its timing only up to 15 seconds cap.


The platform sooner increased the timing up to 30 seconds just within a month (I guess, maybe because of users’ demand, or to compete TikTok).

Now when the time limit exceeded further on TikTok, that seemed like an alert to the social giant.

As a result, Instagram took it to its Twitter handle made a new announcement about a feature update.

Do you know what it was?

You are smart, my friend!

It’s the time extension that Instagram now enables its users.

With the recent update, Instagram users can now create reels up to 60 seconds which has made the platform even more preferable and also eased the complexity that users faced while conveying their message within 30 seconds.