How to Use Sensitive Content Control on Instagram?

Instagram Sensitive Content Control

Instagram has turned out to be a platform that caters to the need of every user rather than only considering the majority.

Based on your previous preferences its algorithm precisely hits on what YOU (the user) wants to see on your feed.

No matter how big of an influencer or celebrity someone is, the platform won’t show you even a single picture if you have not interacted with their posts in the past.

And that’s Instagram, my friend!

It makes YOU the king of the platform.

You are shown the type of content you are interested in.

You control who can message you.

You can turn off commenting.

You can share stories in a closed circle, or can even hide them from specific someone.

You can even restrict someone if you are getting bullied by any user.

It’s all about YOU! (the user)

And it is for this reason…

We are seeing the scenarios getting flipped now.

In this era of Instagram, the equal concern is given from the creators to their followers as much as they receive from the other end.

Because the one who has been on the platform for a while now knows it quite well that if YOU don’t value and engage with the audience, the audience gets turned off.

And a turned-off audience results in low interaction and reach which ultimately curbs the account’s growth in every aspect of the platform.

Coming back to the users-oriented approaches…

Features like restrict, turning off comments, hiding like counts are some of such examples which were rolled out with the intention to safeguard each individual and empower them shape the platform’s experience according to their needs. 


Instagram now took another step in the same lane rolling out yet another feature called ‘Sensitive Content Control’ that empowers YOU to decide the level of sensitive content that Instagram could surface in your explore feed.