Why bots like FollowingLike Get Caught and Fail?

So if you have read my previous articles, you would have gauged what this software exactly is.


If it all seems new to you, please go read my other articles which I am linking below where I gave my unbiased review about this software and what it exactly is.

Moreover, I won’t be mentioning about FollowingLike’s functionality right from the get-go in this article today, rather I would try uncovering the facts why it fails.

And why so many other bots too.

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TikTok’s ‘Duet’ like feature ‘REMIX’ now Rolls Out on INSTAGRAM!

Instagram Remix

There has been an enormous surge in imaging the same features that one app gained popularity for.

Be it TikTok’s Music feature that got cloned on Instagram, or Snapchat’s stories that soon became a recipe for every other social app to cater the same.

And it’s nothing surprising, to be frank.

Social platforms do it mainly for two personal reasons-

The top reason why they do it is because they want their users to get the functionality on the same app that they might look for in other viral apps.

Feature imaging became a trend also because bigger apps want to maintain their user base and curb the growth of other apps that could be a potential competition down the lane.


How to recover Deleted Posts on Instagram?

There are often times when you are completely down, and things are all messed up.


Nothing feels that right.


And when such things start happening every now and then, it also starts to show on our social accounts too.

While the phase makes some people resort to account deletion (either temporary or permanently), there are a few who start removing content from their various platforms i.e. Instagram, in our case.

Although the last line might have seemed a little bit offbeat to digest, but it’s indeed true.


Read this before Buying FollowingLike! (+URGENT)

Note- This is part of the FollowingLike Review Series. So in case if you have missed the earlier articles, Please read them first and come back here later!

So as I already mentioned about my first-time experience while using FollowingLike in the last article, I moved to this social media bot once again in January this year.

And to make things worse…

The functionality even got worse.


The Nightmares of BUYING FollowingLike? (+Save Your Life)

So as I already mentioned why I bought this software called ‘FollowingLike’ in the previous article.

Today let’s see what I found when I bought it!

If you haven’t read the previous part, check it out below-

To be more specific, in this article today I would recite the whole story of my experience using FollowingLike Software and how it turned out to be a complete nightmare.

P.S.- Although the test made me lose $550, I would try to be as fair and unbiased as much I could.


So when you would pay the company the price that they mention on the sales page, YOU would receive a welcome email with a key that you need to enter after downloading the software.


What made me buy FollowingLike? (+Worst decision!!!)

Following Like Software

Do you know what makes people buy such softwares that let them handle hundreds of social media account and do the work on their own?

I mean, tools like…


Or some other.


If you don’t know…


What is Stories Down? Legit, or Not?

A few days ago while I was surfing through the web, I somehow bumped into an unexpected question on quora which was something like…


“How do I view someone’s Instagram profile anonymously without knowing them?”

It struck me back then to write a piece of content related to the topic as it was not just a question from a single guy rather many feel the same.

And if you have faced such an issue before (after deleting your account, or maybe to view someone’s story anonymously), you must be quite familiar with the number of scam sites that run for the cause without even delivering the results.

Isn’t it?

So I just went through many of the sites that rank for different terms and found out this website that claimed to show you someone’s profile without knowing them.

And I am going to be extremely unbiased with my review as neither it’s a paid one nor do I endorse something which I have not used.

First thing first…

For those who don’t about the site, ‘Stories Down’ is a website that claims to show you all the stories and posts that a user posted on the platform without actually letting them know.


How far is this true?

My opinion- Stories Down is a legit website. By ‘legit’, I mean, it serves the purpose of what it claims about i.e. to let you view someone’s Instagram stories and posts without letting them know.

Query- Can I download the Instagram stories with ‘Stories Down’?

Answer- Yes, 100%! You can not only download Instagram stories but also can view and download any user’s posts too.

Query- Can I view private stories too?

Answer- No! Unfortunately, Stories Down doesn’t work this way. It only shows you the stories and profiles of public accounts without you needing to log in. I would say, it is more of an interface that acts as a source to view Instagram public profiles.

Query- Is Stories Down safe to use?

Answer- Since it only shows you the public profiles that could be seen by anyone who logs in, I don’t see any security issues until it changes the way it functions now. It’s all up to you where you want to use it or not.


That’s it for today!

Let me know in the comments down below where you already knew about it or not.

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How to Avoid Banned Hashtag on Instagram?

Hashtags have been one of the most crucial derivations that popularized mainly on Instagram and sooner became a crucial component of all others.

While on one side, when they became super viral and everybody started using them in their posts, there came a few negative aspects as well airing all over that became a cause of worry for the entire platform.

You know what these were?

The Instagram bots!

And also some of the wicked people, who indirectly tried to inject their personal objective via their Instagram posts using particular hashtags the content of which was against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

As a result…

When users spotted such content that went outside the platform guidelines, there came a series of reports for certain posts that were circulated using a particular hashtag.


Why You Should Stop Using ‘Popular Hashtags’?


This query hit me quite a few times recently when I was asked whether or not one should go for popular hashtags for their Instagram posts.

Additionally, there are a number of newbies who still commit this mistake that is JUST not (wait…ABSOLUTELY NOT) acceptable if you are under the radar of my Instagram growth checklist.

Now I know there would be many people out there who might argue this notion of mine.

However, my friend…

In case if you want to take Instagram as a long term business, add my today’s tip to your to-do bucket list, and you will see your account skyrocket pretty soon.

Sounds interesting?

Time to dig it deeper!

First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference between ‘POPULAR HASHTAGS’ vs ‘VIRAL HASHTAGS’.


Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Instagram Shoutouts?


I was recently talking to a designer who runs a small blog and also owns an Instagram page where he teaches all his designing skills.

I was actually helping him figure out the changes that he needs to make to boost up his Instagram profile and gain more followers.

Although I can’t put down each thing that we talked about, there came a point in the session where I was asked about the reason why a certain thing didn’t work for him.

Any guesses?

You got it!

It’s the Instagram Shoutouts:)


I thought why not discuss the issue right here as you might also be facing the same.


In this article today, we would not only cover why he failed to get maximum exposure from a particular shoutout but also we would learn few things that you should know before buying any shoutout.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s hop into it-