Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Instagram Shoutouts?


I was recently talking to a designer who runs a small blog and also owns an Instagram page where he teaches all his designing skills.

I was actually helping him figure out the changes that he needs to make to boost up his Instagram profile and gain more followers.

Although I can’t put down each thing that we talked about, there came a point in the session where I was asked about the reason why a certain thing didn’t work for him.

Any guesses?

You got it!

It’s the Instagram Shoutouts:)


I thought why not discuss the issue right here as you might also be facing the same.


In this article today, we would not only cover why he failed to get maximum exposure from a particular shoutout but also we would learn few things that you should know before buying any shoutout.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s hop into it-

So as I already told you in the beginning, the page that my client owned was related to design (mainly UI/UX).

And after posting for a month or so (with maybe 25 posts at the max), he immediately resorted to buying a shoutout.

That too…

From a page the niche of which was related to ‘health and fitness’.


With times passing by…

I know that NOT many people make this mistake nowadays.

But it drives me crazy when I still see people doing this humongous sin (of promoting on an extremely non-related page) while buying a shoutout.

I mean…

Keep yourself in a follower’s shoe who followed a fitness page.

He followed the page to learn about health and fitness.

Not to learn design!

Even a quotes page doesn’t seem a perfect fit for most of the shoutout promotions that we see nowadays.

So please always try to stick to your niche!

Know your audience!

Let’s say you own a page where you teach ‘yoga and calisthenics’, or if you own a company that sells ‘body-building supplements’. Your target audience would then be the Instagram followers who love pages related to the niche ‘health and fitness’. Hence buying a shoutout from the ‘health and fitness’ page is a good option in this case.

But not in the case if you want to promote your design page.

Learn your target audience’s behavior.

And then choose a page to buy a shoutout from.

Following that…

Create an amazing promotional post that makes the viewers turn up on your Instagram page.

Side note- Before you buy a shoutout from a page, just make sure you spruce up your feed that converts your visitors from a shoutout to a loyal follower. An unorganized feed always turns off the visitors. Hence, no matter how good your content is, your visitors would spend less time on your feed which as a result would convert to less follower gain.

That said, what’s the most irrelevant shoutout promotion that YOU ever noticed on Instagram?

Design page shoutout on the health page?

Or even worse?

Let me know in the comments down below as I would love to hear your words.

Also, drop your queries in case if have any, and share the post if you liked it!

Till then?

See you next time!



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