How to Use ‘Vanish Mode’ on Instagram?

Vanish Mode Instagram.

I just vanished for three months!


I was down with Covid-19 which seriously affected my health not only just physically but mentally as well. Moreover, there were other aspects too that made me part away from the blog for this long.

Long story short, I am back again on the blog to let you in on every new trick, tip, and unreleased feature that you should know in case if you want to grow your Instagram page and make money from it.


I have hundreds of ideas that I would sharing…


Not just ideas…

2021 is going to different!

Trust me!

Not only will I show you the ways you can use to grow your business on the platform, but also I would guide you step by step from real-life examples that you could easily pick up and implement to grow your business page while also earning a few hundred dollars as a side income.

So without further ado, let’s hop into today’s topic-

Vanish Mode!!!


17 Actionable Tips to Get on Instagram Explore Page!

get on explore page

Getting on Instagram Explore Page has always been a dream of every Rob and Jay when it comes to growing your following organically.

Instagram Explore page is like FREE Google traffic which sends a targeted audience to your webpage.

The audience from the Instagram Explore page is more likely to be your loyal fan and convert more successfully as compared to visitors from any paid promotion.

Instagram Explore page is STILL an UNTAPPED golden mine for many of the brands and marketers.

And I am saying this because most of the people on the platform often resort to ‘Paid Ads’, ‘Fake Followers’, and ‘Getting More Likes” than the organic source.


10 Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IG Reels!

Just a few days ago, YOU learned about how to use Reels on Instagram.

In case you missed it, use the above link to read that FIRST and COME BACK here later.

Although I tried my best explaining you everything with regards to using it on the platform, there are certain doubts that still hit many users’ minds.

And thus…

I bring to YOU today all the frequently asked queries about Instagram Reels that many users search for every single day.

Here we begin-

Question 1- Why can’t I use Reels on Instagram?

Instagram Reels, for now, is ONLY available in India, Brazil, France, and Germany so if you belong to any country other than these four, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Question 2- When will Reels be available to other countries?

Instagram is currently planning to roll out Reel in the United States after an announcement from the federal government that imposed a ban on TikTok within the country. Just a few hours ago, President Trump confirmed via an official announcement that TikTok would face a countrywide ban pretty soon.

It is for this reason Instagram cashed in and decided to roll out Reels in the United States in early August.

The company said- “We’re excited to bring Reels to more countries, including the US, in early August. The community in our test countries has shown so much creativity in short-form video, and we’ve heard from creators and people around the world that they’re eager to get started as well.”

There also came news thereafter that Instagram Reels would roll out in 50+ other countries including Mexico, UK, Hong Kong, etc.


Instagram ‘Seen’ NOW Blinks while Stories Show the Hidden Viewers!

Evolution has always been on the pedestal in almost every single aspect of our life.

There came a major evolution in lifestyle as the pandemic aired across millions.

As a result…

The world saw a major CHANGE!

Changes are necessary they say!

And to be frank…

It also holds true with the tech world.

Not so surprisingly…

Instagram’s bandwagon resonates with the same momentum as it recently rolled out various features and alterations so as to increase the user experience on its platform.

Among the large list of features that it recently rolled, the two features that hardly hit any headlines are what we would discuss in today’s article.


The number one feature that went mostly unnoticed till now is the blinking ‘seen’ in IG direct chats!

Although I am not sure if it is available to all users, the blinking ‘seen’ is more of a change in aesthetic and look than what YOU normally call a feature.


Instagram Story Viewers List up to 48 hours!

You already saw it!

Didn’t you?


Instagram in its recent update came up with a time extension of viewers list that almost every second Instagram user always wished for.

Be it any data analytics…

Or search trend…

Or any forum!

YOU would spot hundreds of queries of people asking how to see the story viewers list even after 24 hours.

I bet!

And like I always say…

If users want it, Instagram has got it:)

Instagram in its recent update made it possible for users to see the viewers list even after 24 hours!


How to Use Reels on Instagram?

In the last article, we talked about why all of a sudden Instagram released Reels in India.


Today we would see how YOU can create your reel and post it on your Instagram.

Reels have become a sensation overnight as it rolled in the Indian market.

And there is some constant buzz about it around the globe as it’s been widely appreciated and used by millions of users.

So without any further ado, let’s get down to the business and see how YOU can use this awesome feature and exponentially scale your Instagram account to reach a wider audience.

Creating Reels on Instagram is super easy.

Just go to your story’s camera and click on ‘Reels’ (on the right) beside the story option.


Customize your Instagram ‘Nametags’ for Growth in 2020

Instagram Nametag is often claimed as a stolen feature that bore a huge resemblance with Snapchat’s Snapcodes.

Scaling down the work of users to type in long usernames in the search bar, Instagram Nametags were wholeheartedly welcomed by users all around the world.

All YOU have to do is scan the ‘Nametag’ within the main app and you will be brought to a screen where YOU can either view or follow a particular profile.

That said…

Have you tried using them yet?



I completely understand your present situation as I have been in your shoes back a while.

And I bet after reading this article you would definitely want to use them.

Getting used to these updates and feature is not as easy as it looks, especially if you have a personal account.

So I thought why not shed some light on this topic and let you know more about using Instagram Nametags and how to customize them to your favour-

What are Instagram Nametags???

Instagram Nametag is a unique code assigned to a -particular user that other users can scan within the main app to view or follow a specific profile.

Voiding the typical way of typing in usernames in the search bar, Instagram Nametags were designed with the aim to take people to your profile where other Instagrammers could take one of the desired actions.

During the initial days of Instagram, it was quite tough for influencers to make people follow you just by telling them your username, especially if it was a long one.

I would say it was rather a challenge for people to spell the username correctly in the search bar.

And the situation even worsened if a username consisted of underscores, dots, abbreviations as people sometimes spelled double underscore (__) where they should have used three underscores (___). The ‘dot’ that was supposed to be after single underscore was spelled after two underscores i.e. ‘xyz__.yz’ instead of ‘xyz_.yz’.

I know it’s hard to understand all this…


So was the case during initial days!


Why Instagram rolled out Reels in India?

Instagram rolled out Reels in India

Cashing in at the right moment is what big companies are best at.

You know why?

It was just two days ago…

I woke in the morning!

And as usual, I started replying to the DMs and emails that I was notified about.

Soon after, I opened my Instagram!

And I see what?



Pin up to 3 Comments on your Instagram Post!

Would it not be even better if we could just keep away from the negativity on the platform?

Not everything is in our hands though!


We can’t control what others have to say.

However, we can definitely promote positivity so we see the less of its opposite.

And that’s what exactly Instagram’s NEW pinning comments feature facilitates us with.

Just a month ago, we wrote about how Instagram was testing to pin comments on the platform.

And now…

Instagram finally rolled it globally which enables its users to pin up to three comments on top of any of their Instagram posts.

Just select any of the comments that you like, and click on the pin icon to pin it (the first option on the top right corner of the screen).

pin up to 3 comments

What does ‘Instagrammer’ mean in Instagram DM?

Instagrammer in DM

So today…

While I was scrolling through my feeds, in what felt like that I should arrange a get together this summer with all my ex-school mates.

Clicking the DM arrow, I wasted not even a single second to send an invitation message in the group that I created years ago.

But wait!!!

I realized that many of my friends have either made a new account after school while the others deleted it.

Post-clicking the info button on the top of the group, I rushed to check the number of users who were still a part.

And I see what?